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Does anyone know a geometry term that starts with G, J, or N?

We have to make alphabet book things for geometry using geometry terms. For example, for A I used acute angle, for B I used Bisect, and for C I used complementary angle

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    - a 2-D figure that can be folded on its segments or curved on its boundaries to form a 3-D figure; see article here


    - a group of nodes and arcs


    - a polygon with n sides


    - a description of a point in a network where it is possible for two different segments to share the same endpoints


    - a nine-sided polygon

    Nonconvex set

    - a set of points in which not all segments connecting points of the set lie entirely in the set; synonym: concave; see convex set

    Non-Euclidean geometry

    - solid geometry

    Non-included side

    - the side of a triangle that is not included by 2 given angles

    Non-overlapping regions

    - regions that don't share interior points

    Nonperspective drawing

    - a three-dimensional drawing that doesn't use perspective

    Null set

    - a set with nothing in it

    Number line

    - a coordinatized line

    Geometric mean

    - the number g such that for two numbers a and b, a over g = g over b


    - information assumed to be true in a proof

    Glide reflection

    - a type of composite transformation where a figure is reflected and then translated in a parallel direction

    Goldback's Conjecture

    - if n is an even number greater than 2, then there are always 2 prime numbers whose sum is n


    - the tilt of a real-life object in relation to the horizontal, often used to determine how steep a hill is

    Graph theory

    - the mathematics of complicated networks

    Great circle

    - the circle formed by the intersection of a sphere and the plane that contains its center and that divides the sphere into two hemispheres; see small circle


    - a tesselation of congruent squares sometimes used to measure distance

    and I looked on like 10 different sites and couldn't find a j one...good luck with that!

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    G- Glide Reflection Golden Ratio Golden Rectangle Great Circle

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    I found this geometric figure called the Judd Illusion.

    A picture of it can be found here:

    Clicking on the link "a few words" below the sliders gives a quick explanation.

    Hope that helps. Gotta hate that last outlying word--I remember having to do this about the US Constitution. Uuuugh.

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    do you graph things in Geometry? i know it's shapes and stuff, but that was four years ago, so i forget. But that could be a G.

    Joint for J? (no, not THAT

    Nonagon works for N

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    glide reflection-

    A glide reflection is a combination of two transformations: a reflection over a line followed by a translation in the same direction as the line.


    A net is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object.

    i cant think of any ones that start with j either ^.^"

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    g - geometer, one who does geometry. I'm not sure if that'll fly, but it's worth a try if you can't find anything else.

    n - nonagon, a nine-sided polygon

    No thoughts on j yet, but I'll keep thinking.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    How about: Width, Gradient, Grade, Juncture, Junction

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    N-Node or Network


    G-Graph theory (ties in with networks)

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    N nonagon

    G geometric inequalities

    J ...cant find anything for J...sorry;

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    You might be interested in the list at

    But, you won't find anything there that begins with "J".

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