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is fruit in a can(del monte,etc.) real fruit?

why isnt it 100% vitamin C, it only says 8% vitamin C, whats the difference of that and regular produce fruit?

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    It is real fruit, but even fresh fruit is not made up of 100% vitamin c.

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    Very few fruits can give you 100% of your Rda in Vitamin C in a single serving. Of course canned fruit is real fruit, it has been lightly cooked in a sugar syrup and then canned for preservation. If you want a higher bang in vitamin C for your buck, look for the newer jarred fruits that contain mostly citrus fruit like oranges and grapefruit. Or look for canned grapefruit, most stores carry their own private label in that, because no national canners make it. Or else just buy fresh, from a store which has very high turnover, and use it within 3-5 days of purchase.

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    Yes, the fruit is real. I donno i think its in water maybe the it goes down to 8%.

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    yes it's real ........there ain't no such as 100% of anything

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    its likely processed

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