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Getting Started...?

I am 13 and ready to lose weight. I know i need to i just don't know how to get started?

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    I will recommend you start by watching what you eat. Young people always over eat and or eat too much junk food. Youre never to early to start. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and raw vegetables. You know like Carrots and brocolli with some ngood dip. Next take initiative and try to find healthy recipes to cook at home. When I was your age I was already cooking dinner for the whole family.

    Next Get involved in a school sport. Volleyball is a great choice and soft ball too. Or if you dont want to do a sport quite yet, find a friend or sibling and start walking everyday.

    One thing you should never do is starve yourself or eat too little. Enjoy food and never consider a diet. Just watch your portions and lay off the junk! Check out my website everyonce and a while and send me any questions if you have some! I'd love to help and give you more advice~

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    Have you talked to a doctor? Your parents might offer some advice,maybe? Just don't hurt yourself by doing anything extreme, I'ts not at all necessary. Just start a sensible plan, cut out snacks and junk food. Don't eat late night or in between meals, and exercise Drinking water is a good thing too.Don't drink soda at all if you can help it. Remember soda bad water good. Also you have to realize that it will take a few months of dedication on your part before you notice a difference.Usually other people will notice a difference around six months. Good luck kid.

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    ok,u can start by eating heathy.and working out or you can just dance for 30mins.and aslo u can just STOP eating sugar,sweets,junk food. but thats all i have to say!

    p.s if your 13 you dont really need to lose weight! just stop eating sweets that will help alot!

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    Hun, at the age of 13, you dont need to loose weight!! As you get older you will even out dont worry!! God made you just the way he wanted you to be!!

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    get your crazy sister to help u like go outside and ride bikes or even run track and do dances try gymastics no mader what she got your back workin out and even got your back on getting in trouble it doesnt mader if your cousin call you fat your sis may think she is 2 she may say you r fat god did make you he wanted you to look your sister may help you and so will god if ya sis call ya she thinking you PHAT girl make a daily run do not take medacines or do surgery thats just to scam your money and in i should of told you first your beutiful in your own way no mader what dont make those crewl ppl bring u down they should bring you up by making u want it more do not starve your self that will make you more weak and dead no mader what help your self or get your sister to help beacause she loves you

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