Lost Friend?

I am looking for my friend Robert (Bobby or Bob) Andrew Brooks, he grew up in the San Fernando Valley in CA. We grew up together, he and my brother had a falling out and because of that I lost contact with him... whatever the problem with him and my brother is between them and I would love to talk to him again... does anyone know this person? He would be about 31 years old now. His fathers name is Robert and he has a sister Cindy. If anyone knows him and how to get in touch, please let me know. He was like a brother to me. I miss him so much.

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    Start out looking on People Finders website. Search by name. Enter "Robert Brooks" and click "Search". Look at all the results. You'll see any AKAs/Associated Names, if Age, Birth Date, Phone, Address City, State, and any Possible Relatives he may have.

    Next, look on ZabaSearch. Enter Robert Brooks, and click "Submit ZabaSearch". Between these searches, you may see addresses or phone numbers. You may be able to get up with him that way.

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