Can WebTV email be accessed from a computer?

My mother has WebTV via her phone/land line, which has been on the fritz for several days. Is there a way to access her email messages from my computer?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, but your mother needs to first setup WebTV to allow remote access.

    Once that is done there are two methods to retrieve her email.

    Setting up Webtv to allow remote email access ~

    From the Webtv home page select Mail => Settings => Remote Mail => Continue =>On this page create a password and put checkmark in “Allow remote access” => on the next page copy the data after - 'You’ll nee the following information' the “POP user name” & “POP server name”.

    You are now finished with the Webtv part.

    She can now get her Webtv email from anyone’s computer thru the Hotmail website, and Outlook Express.

    Logging into Hotmail is easy. Just your email address and password are needed.

    Outlook Express will require a onetime setup with the “POP user name” & “POP server name” copied from webtv.

    Realize I’m no help this time – but following my directions she’ll be ready for the future.

    Good Luck

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