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Winter potty training? HELP PLEASE!?

How should I properly train my puppy on going out side especially in this cold weather?

I don't mind the paper training now but I don't want him getting used to that till spring...

Please help me and give me all the information that you have that worked for you, I've been doing tones of research but it's mainly about training in the spring and summer time.

Thank You


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    Winter house-training and warm weather house-training are pretty much the same. The only real differences are that you'll need to shovel a path and a 'potty place' for your pup when it snows so she still has grass and you'll want to bundle up and resist your urge to rush her.

    One thing that might also help--although I really didn't like doing it to our grown dog... When we moved to an apartment from a house with a yard a behaviorist told us to only make food and water available to her at specified times for 5-10 minutes only. The idea was that it would train her to eat at meal time and to eliminate 20 or 30 minutes later. I didn't have the heart to keep it up, but you might want to try it.

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    I must tell you that first you must pick one way and stick to it. If you want to do outside then only do that. If you keep switching back and forth between out and on paper inside, you will only confuse the dog and potty training won't happen-just bad habits for your pooch. First crate training is the most effective way to train. Make a crate your pups favorite place to be. Put an old shirt that smells like you in there with some toys. A dog will not pee where they sleep so if this crate is home for the pup, it will learn real quick that is not the place to go. You must also control the intake of food and water. Split up the proper amount into 2 feedings daily but always have fresh water. Give pup breakfast and a dinner and a few snacks in between. Dogs learn by having the same routine so keep it the same daily. Always know dogs go potty after a meal or when they are real active (playing). So get in the habit of walking right after meals. Also when they wake up take them out fast! Also do NOT punish an accident in less you catch them in the act or they will not know what they are in trouble for. Have patience and all this works great!

    Source(s): I have had 3 dogs and all are well behaived and all potty trained at an early age!
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    Just do what needs to be done. If you want to carry him out and put him down, then do it----but potty train him OUTSIDE. Yes, its cold---if he has a breed-specific issue with the cold then pick a spot close to the door for him to use.

    Search through Answers and you'll find TONS of people who paper trained "because its so cold outside" and then wound up with a dog who a) goes in the house or b) won't go outside.

    I housebroke my puppy last February in freezing rain, sleet and snow in New England. He is a short-haired breed and was 8 weeks old.

    I did carry him when the ground was REALLY BAD---we had snow (which I shoveled) and then freezing rain which created a couple of inches of icy water on the ground.

    For just snow, I shoveled and he walked.

    I also carried freeze dried liver treats in my pocket and after he "pottied" I treated him. Oh, and after he peed I waited 2 minutes to make sure he didn't have to do #2 because sometimes that comes a minute or two after #1.


    Housebreaking in bad weather can help you train your dog to "go" on command. Pick an uncommon word, use it when he goes and treat after he goes. After a bit, use it right before he goes.

    Good luck---and don't forget you MUST stay with the pup outside and the pup MUST be on a leash for this to work.

    Source(s): Housebroke 8 week old pup last February/March in nasty New England weather.
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    Put a body harness on your dog and a 5-6 foot long leash. Whenever the dog is inside and not crated than tie the leash to your you will be constantly seeing the dog. When you see it start to search/circle/signal otherwise that it needs to go, walk the dog immediately outside to an appriopriate potty area. Make sure you use your chosen command word, give plenty of praise and treat when completed (make sure you have treats in your pocket, don't delay with rewarding the dog). Do this until your dog is consistently trying to drag you to the door to show you that it neds to go outside.

    Make sure you've cleaned the inside of the house of all priors accidents, this means not just getting rid of the visible stains but of the enzymes..use a good cleaner rated for cleaning biological stains and odors... I use Orange TKO (it's great for anything in the house [laundry, bedding, general cleaning] and safe for pets) or Nature's Miracle...make sure you buy the dog formula.

    And remember, as many months old as the puppy is, is how long it can hold it's bladder. 12 weeks = 3 months = 3 hours... on average...

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    Same as any other time of year, just keep your jacket next to the door, you'll need it every 15 minutes! I've house trained several litters during the winter its never been a problem for them, just me being cold. I try to never use paper training. If there is a lot of snow, then shovel a small clear area for your pup so it doesn't have to tromp through the snow.

    Source(s): dog trainer
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    Keep going out, don't paper train inside!! Shovel a path in your yard if that makes it easier for him to get around. Take him to the same spot and have a celebration and treat time when he's done!! Praise for doing good goes WAY further than punishment for accidents. Keep at it consistently and it WILL work!!

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    Yes! I just got a puppy 2. He really doesn't like 2 go out in the cold but i would suggest letting him walk or carry him to 1 spot and just wait till he goes there. Don't let him have his way on going inside otherwise he will do his business inside:(

    Source(s): *experience
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    I just finished house training my new puppy. It is the same no matter what the weather is like. Do not wait for the dog to tell you or when it is convenient for you usually they need to go about every hour or so. Take them out regularly whether they go or not. And do NOT punish or "rub their nose in it" only praise them when they do good outside.

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    We got our now 2 year old bully in Feb when it was cold. I put puppy mittens on his feet and put a sweater. He used puppy pads during the rain and snow. It wasn't hard to train him that way. We also took him out 15-30 after he ate or drank.

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