Who are ALL of the featured female artists in 1995's "Freedom" ("Panther" soundtrack)?

From watching the video SEVERAL times over the past 10 years and some, I've gathered the following names:

Aaliyah, Changing Faces, En Vogue, For Real, Jade, Mary J. Blige, TLC, Vanessa Williams, SWV, Patra, Queen Latifah, Me'Shelle N'degeocello, Zhane, Pebbles, Shanice, Xscape, Brownstone, Karyn White, Tanya Blount, Yo-Yo, N'dea Davenport, Monica, Salt-n-Pepa.

There are some faces in the video that I'm not familiar with, and some of them are singing solos! For instance, one lady has blond braids, and was in D'Angelo's "Lady Remix" video, along with Erykah Badu. Can you help me to identify all of these wonderful artists? I've been trying for a long time! I'm trying to ID even those who aren't singing -- who are just providing a cameo.

Here is a link to the video (if Yahoo allows it):


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