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I need some weekend fun in or around St. Louis, Mo for my sisters' 15 birthday.?

Every year, I take my sisters out of Effingham, IL over the weekend for their birthday. I usually plan some really cool activities such as laser tag, imax theatre, etc etc. Well, my sisters want to go to St. Louis this year but none of us know what to do for fun....Please help me out. REMINDER: They are 15 not 21!!! They are also not "little kids" anymore. Try to think like a teenager. Thanks!

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    The mills mall has an indoor gocart track and glow in the dark put put golf.

    Dave and Busters is fun full of games to play and stuff.

    The University City Loop is great for food, shopping for cd's and some of the night clubs might let kids that age in. Sometimes there is street entertainment.

    Galleria Mall is a fun place to shop and the Cheesecake factory is great to eat at.

    Take them to a place where they can get a manicure and pedicure then take them to the Estee Lauder counter at Macy's and let them get their make up done. Then go out to eat.....maybe while you're at macy's let them buy a nice dress or fancy out fit and go somewhere fancy like downtown Tony's for dinner.

    Take them to Forest Park.....the Art Museum....PUCKS!!!! They have great food.

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    STLChick gave you some great ideas. Dave and Busters, City Museum and St Louis Mills are especially good choices--Mills has a NASCAR Speedpark plus SHOPPING!!! There is new karting facility at Earth City (racing karts not the little amusement park kind). If you are going this winter, there is Hidden Valley for skiing. There are only 2 IMAX Theatres so your choices are limited there. The zoo is open all year round (and it's free), but not too many animals out this time of year. During the summer, there is the 4th of July celebration, concerts at Live on the Levee and at Riverport. Have fun!

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    Union Station has interesting Shopping and eating stuff...

    Tour the Arch and grounds.

    Ride the metro Link.

    Bowling Hall of fame.

    The Zoo but might not be open in the wintertime.

    Several Malls around.

    Science Center off I-64 or hwy 40.

    Summertime you could go to 6 Flags.

    On the water front there are some interesting old time buildings with shops and interesting places to eat.

    Carriage ride.

    Anheser Bush Brewer take a tour.

    Drive thru East St Louis at night. Nah...Don't do that...

    Forest Park.

    Maybe something she would like on the weekend at Fox Theater.

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    Take them to the St Louis mills mall they miniature golf that is played under a black light ,which means everything in there is neon colors it is real kool,ice skating ,movie theater and also go kart racing it is on hwy 370 which is off hwy 270 just google st louis mills mall for directions

    Source(s): I been there and it is real neat and also use to work at the mall
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    The city museum is AWESOME! I'm 24 and I love it there, it is not only for little kids, but for adults as well.

    Dave and Busters is a big kid chuck e cheeses, but you have to be accompanied by an adult over 25 after 10pm, anyone can go before that though.

    There is also a huge laser tag arena in Belleville, Il if you wanted to do that.

    The Mills mall has ice skating, go-karts, an arcade, laser tag, and blacklight putt-putt all in the same place.

    Hope this helps!

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    St.Louis, and the metro area has many things to do, and some of the most fun things are free.

    Check out these links to stuff they may like to do, and dont forget to see what there is to do in the city and county parks.....enjoy yourselves.

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    Fun-Town: Has Go carts and mini golf

    Union Station : Can be fun

    Arch: Take an elevator to the top

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    The Zoo, the Science Center, the Magic House... All should be enjoyable for them.

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    go to busch gardens

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