What does yellow colour of urine indicate?

I've always had this confusion. What does the mild yellow color diagnose? Is it that kidney's are filtering as they should, or is it that one drinks less fluids?

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    Most of the yellow color in urine comes from bile that is secreted by the liver to help in the digestion of fats. If you drink a lot of water or other clear fluids, your urine will be paler; dark urine is often a sign of dehydration, or that you have recently been eating foods that have a high fat content. B-vitamins can also make the urine darker, but they tend to cause a fairly distinctive odor as well.

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    The yellow colour comes from bile.

    Bile is a chemical that’s made, in your gall bladder, to help break down food (especially fatty foods). When tiny bits of food are absorbed into the bloodstream some bile gets absorbed too.

    When the bile mixes with your blood it has a chemical reaction which turns it from brown into the yellow colour which colours your wees.

    Wees is the liquid waste from your body - the bits that dissolve in water that your body doesn’t need anymore.

    Wees is also made up from the excess water and salts that your body needs to get rid of.

    The more water you drink the more your wees is diluted.

    Some medications and vitamins will make it a darker colour or even with an orange tinge to it.

    If you still have concerns, see a Urologist.

    I hope this helped! :)

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    Usually the darker the urine is, the more the person needs to drink more water.

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    doesn't mean you are ill, just that you could use more fluids. But be aware that if you take vitamins for example, it will be more yellow and that's to be expected.

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  • The clearer the cleaner.

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    mild yellow? lack of liquid in your system,,, real yellow, you may have hepatitis,,

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    bile and urea... juz drink more water.

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