F.2 or above St. Mary 姐姐...help!!(Mid Year Exam)(20 marks)

I am a F.1 girl.Can you pls share you experience of the exam paper before?(what the teacher will ask, usually about what,etc) (Chi, C.his, Maths, IS,IH) Or can you pls give me some pass paper .(if any, as much as possible) I'm very very veryX1000000000000000000000000000000000worry about my result.Thx a lot!


Help me pls...>

Update 2:

even your past paper is not from St. Mary's,it is still alright if it is Eng vision.

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    hi girl ,

    Actually i dun get ur meaning : share you experience of the exam paper before--

    = share you experience of the exam or share your exam paper ???

    in SMCC , For chinese , u study the question and answer for the chinese passage is ok , 都係問番課後個d


    HISTORY最中意問DBQ , 記哂D課文OK

    都係背背背 :)

    F1 girl ma , add oil , need not give much pressure ~

    Source(s): 我是 2003 graduate 的St. Mary 姐姐=p
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