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今年西褲興甚麼style (配西裝褸)


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    責 (pleats), 高腰定低腰 (rise), narrow cuff, etc., all depends on what kind of silhouette you want to create. If you want a slim look, also known as Milanese style (as it is widely used by tailors and designers from Milan) you have pants that have no pleats and straight legs. This should look good with most jackets - though I'd have to admit, a bit boring.

    Tailors and designers from Naples (southern Italy) make pants with narrow cuffs and generally shorter pants. The look is very slim and elegant, and it shows plenty of shoes and in some extreme cases even some socks. It is, in my opinion, very stylish, but very different to achieve unless you have a very good tailor. This is the most stylish pants one could get.

    English pants almost always have pleats, single or double, forward or reverse (pleats facing outside or inside). The legs are straight with a bit of flare. This is also very elegant and very gentlemanly. If you are wearing a more traditionally-cut jacket, these would go perfectly well.

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