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there is a software repairing service called car diagnostic, can anyone tell me more about it? pls explain as detail as possible. both english or chinese are welcome!!

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    every car inside have built in a system by their manufacturer, which we call diagnostic system in order to shorten the repair time, the sytem can be scan or disgnostic through a notebook, hand held checker or scanner to plug in the socket which located under the steering wheel, the data of car engine ,AT, CVT, emission, temp, driving speed, battery voltage, pressure, rotate speed, ABS, SRS, slip steering angle turning, Yaw rate ect. can be read or compare to the STD, once it out of specification, the car warming light on or scanner show error message, same as you PC window warning mesage, mechanic will shorten the time and fix for you.

    It contain manufacturer software with service manual (PC notebook) or latest model should connect this diagnostic socket with scan wiring cable then link up internet to ask for further more detail service manual, ask for key code, ask for manufacturer engineer to setting for you through internet. Just like PC anywhere, remote you pc in hundred miles far away.

    It also save you car driving data (all data) with PC and replay again in your scaner, same as PS2, PS3 replay the game.same as MP3 ,Look like the airplane black box recorder.

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    download latest software-driver through this diagnostic socket from you pc, upgrade you engine, A/T, CVT control software, of course with manufacturer sofeware and password.

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    go to this website to know more about it

    i hope it can help you~~

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