How do you convert college credits to semester hours???

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I am trying to fill out a job application and they are asking me to convert them to semester hours. I have my college transcripts, but they do not say the hours, just credits and gpa.
Update : on the app..they are asking about quarter hours...i just want to make more
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"College credits" can mean either semester hours or quarter hours. If you're trying to convert from quarter hours to semester hours, it's basically a 3 for 2 relationship. See the conversion table attached.

The credits will equal the hours, so basically you just need to convert to semester hours if your school was still on quarter hours.


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  • Brandon W answered 7 years ago
    1 semester hour = 1.5 quarter hours

    So, if you have 45 quarter hours, it would equate to 30 semester hours.

    Credits and hours mean the same in college...I prefer to use credit hours, because that's really what you are getting credit for...the time you spend in the classes. :-)
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  • stlcomputerguy101 answered 7 years ago
    If the class is 3 Credit hours then that is 3 College Credits
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  • Shookoolate answered 7 years ago
    Well in our class schedule catalog at my community college says how many hours the class has. For example most of the 1 unit classes has 18 hours of class time. You need to see if its the same in your college. You need to find all the classes you have taken and add up the hours each class has. In my college catalog it has:

    1 unit: 18 hours
    1.5 units: 27 hours
    2 units: 36 hours
    3 units: 54 hours
    4 units: 72 hours
    5 units: 90 hours

    this is at least the majority of the classes, i haven't seen any other class that's had more or less hours for the amount of units it's offering unless if it has a lab like chemistry. i hope this helps.
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  • l answered 7 years ago
    They are the same thing.
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