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Why does Superman love Lois Lane so much.?

They never really get into what makes her so special.

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    In the comic books, Lois Lane is an army brat so she is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for what is true and right. This is what initially attracted Clark to this brash, young lady. She is so unlike the women he knew in Smallville (domesticated Martha Kent, shy Lana Lang...). Other than these strong qualities, Lois is resourceful, intelligent and adventurous. Contrary to her movie character, her comic book persona is no damsel-in-distress. There were times when she herself saved Superman from Lex Luthor and other villains. She has also a wicked sense of humor and a soft spot for the downtrodden.

    Most important, she came to love the mild-mannered Clark Kent for who he is and not for what he is when in costume. For this and other reasons, he finally revealed his secret identity to Lois in SUPERMAN vol. 2 no. 50 and proposed that they get married...but she refused. (That's a different story, however.)

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    Source(s): Reading comic books since the early '80s. Try to read John Byrne's MAN OF STEEL #s1-4 and Mark Waid's SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT #s1-12 for more details.
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    Well, I would say that this question might be slightly unanswerable...what makes someone love anyone, really? But let me see if I can help you out.

    When Superman was created, women were seen in society and basic housewives and babysitters. Lois Lane was suppossed to be a pure, strong, feminist woman who got herself up the corporate ladder. In almost every incarnation of Superman, Clark is attracted to her strong personality, and her sense of integrity.

    In the 90's tv show Lois and Clark, the premise of the show was the relationship dynamics between the two characters. Because of such a strong fan demand, the two were eventually engaged and then later wed. Clark saw her as an attractive, secure woman who truly cared about what she did and wanted to tell people the truth.

    Hope that helps...

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    Superman In Love

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    well i think its because superman is like a god among people and lois is so vulnerable which makes him feel he can protect her, also lois is the woman he can trust the most (aside of martha), theyve worked together for a long time and they know eachtoher very very well, and she treats him like a human being and not as an alien, shes quite a special lady even do she doesnt have any powers and she is a noble human being just like him... i supose they just clicked.

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    Maybe she's the only one that doesn't fall for him at first...(she may be one of those hard to get types)?

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    really.. i could never figure this one out either.. cant be her looks.. maybe its because she is suppose to really love him for him.who knows its a comic

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