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what's the Alaskan cruise?

thinking of taking an Alaskan cruise but wanted opinions on which cruise lines and time of year. is it possible to see the northern lights from a cruise ship?

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    Here's some basic information about an Alaskan cruise; A "standard" Alaska cruise is 7-nights, either Northbound from Vancouver, or Southbound from Seward (Ancorage area). All call at the same four ports: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Sitka in some combination.

    Other cruise lines do round-trips from Vancouver or Seattle but only sail up the "inside passage" and hit one or two of the ports then turn around, without visiting the glaciers on the Northern end of the cruise.

    The ship should be upscale; the food should be great; and the service should be top-shelf. You're going to want activities you'll enjoy; a cruise with other couples in your age group; and a vacation that provides the best value for you - that doesn't mean the cheapest - there's a big difference there.

    As far as which cruise line to choose, here's how I would rank them, having been on them all, #1) By far and away - Celebrity; #2) a tie between Holland America and Princess; #3) Royal Caribbean; #4) NCL; #5) Carnival.

    An Alaska cruise is something you'll do only once in your lifetime, so you should seriously consider adding a 3-night land tour to your cruise. I always recommend to my clients to go up to Denali Park, see Mt. McKinley, see all the wildlife, ride on the glass dome rail car . . . . then relax on your cruise. In other words, take a Southbound cruise - and the best time to do it - August and September.

    I don't think that the Northern Lights can be seen from cruise ships - but I'm not an expert in that area, so I've pasted a great page reference from Mich. Tech for you to review.

    I hope this information was helpful to you. One more piece of advice - don't try to do it yourself - go see a good professional travel agent. There is no additional cost or hidden fees for their services and you'll have a name and a face to speak to, rather than merely inputting your name, address and credit card into an on-line form and hoping for the best! Personal service is everything.

    Source(s): I am a Certified Cruise Consultant Specialist
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    Go to Alaska. That was my first cruise and I absolutely loved it. I would go in late May/early June. That way, the weather is decent and there aren't as many bugs. You'll still see a bunch of animals though. I never saw the Northern Lights; I think they're only in the winter. But if you do decide to go on a cruise, the best cruise line is Norwegian Cruise Line. Some people will tell you different but I've always had a great experience with them.

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    Hey my wife and I went on RCCL in late September and we had a blast. Also all the ports have 50 to 75% off and we received some good deals that way too.

    I would however agree with the one person that said you miss alot by going on a cruise. Alaska is very nice and you only see part of it on a ship. However it is a good way to see some of it. Inland trips can be quite costly and long. So if you are looking for a 7 day trip then do the cruise.

    I would recommend RCCL for any cruise. To me they are the top of the line for everyday type cruisers.

    Also do the inside passage. And take your BINOCULARS and extra mem card for the camera.

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    I worked with Alaskan tourist for 7 years and have heard just about everything. The best cruiseline that I heard about was Princess. I never heard any complaints about them. Wait--just one: they don't serve Dr. Pepper. :)

    The cruises will only run in the warmer months, but I'd recommend May-July. Anytime before or after gets too cold too quick.

    As for the Northern Lights, you can't see them in the summer because of the daylight. Since we're so high up, our summer days are long (up to about 20 hours of daylight) so there's no way you can see the lights. Come back in the winter and you'll be able to see them bright and clear as long as you're outside of the city.

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    If you have the time take a Cruisetour. 11 day on Princess early in May and you will see Nature at its finest. Wildlife everywhere, 5 star lodging, excellent food and meet people from all over the world. Do not buy things on the ship much cheaper in ports. Northern Lights only in later part of year. Book inside cabin and save $500.00 each. You are not in room that much and everything is going on deck. Car rental is to exspensive.


    Source(s): Been there 10 times and going 3 times this year.
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    Right now with Celebirty they were offering an Alaskian Cruise deal from $899 a person more hten likely from an inside but I would recommend the summer because it wont be blissfully cold and everything but depends on how long but Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and maybe Holland America might be good options for an Alaskian cruise.

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    i went on an alaska cruise 3 years ago and i would do it again if it is the celeberty cruise line. it run through glazer bay sitka anchorage is were you would start or you could start on a ten day cruise from seatle. enjoy it and relax. i don't know what time to leave to see the northern light. whatever you do do not take the norwegen cruise line.

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    I went to Alaska on NCL in July and had a great time. You cannot see the Northern Lights during that time but the weather was great for exploring. If you really want to commune with nature I do not recommend a cruise but for people like me who want to see nature but not actually experience it I thought it was great! Good luck.

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    I took a cruise on Princess and really enjoyed it. I would go again, but later. We went in early june and didn't see as many animals. Later is better. I understand that the northern lights only happen durning the winter.

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    on a RC cruise to alaska they are normally seven days and the best time to go is in august becuase it is hot in august.. i dont think that you can see the northers lights from a ship but there are many open decks....

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