how do you use html to make the sign for long or short vowel on a letter?

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    You have to use specific entity codes for each letter. Note, that in the below, because Yahoo Answers actually accepts entity notation, these were tricky to post, so I've put a space between the ampersand (&) and the hash mark (#). This should be removed when you really use them.

    Long-a : ā -- & #x101;

    Short-a: ă -- & #x103;

    Long-e: ē -- & #x113;

    Short-e: ĕ -- & #x115;

    Long-i: ī -- & #x12b;

    Short-i: ĭ -- & #x12d;

    Long-o: ō -- & #x14d;

    Short-o: ŏ -- & #x14f;

    Long-u: ū -- & #x16b;

    Short-u; ŭ -- & #x16d;

    If you want just the marks:

    Long-vowel mark (macron): ¯ -- & #xaf;

    Short-vowel mark (breve): ̆ -- & #x306;

    Note that not all browsers/operating systems will display all of these properly. However, they use the standard Unicode codes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this is called a macron. to make them,

    use the letter, followed by "̄"




    "a" with an macron: (ā)




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