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in the old shows superman. superman marred lois didnt he???

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    Ah, the turmoil of the Lois and Clark love interest....this is the only true "Never-Ending Battle" that Superman fights. Lets see if I can get you on the right track.

    The entire concept of Superman having these two personas was to ensure that he could a) have a life outside of saving every cat in a tree or every person falling off of a building, and b) because he actually did grow up as Clark Kent, and therefore Superman, to him at least, is just the costume he puts on so people wont recognize him 24 hours a day.

    The Clark Kent identity that he has is suppossed to be a little more shy, laid back, and less godly, so that he can relax. In the original comics, Clark was meek and cowardly, wherein Lois was a strong, confident, feminist woman. She was showing the world that she didnt need a man, and she especially didnt want one that couldnt stand up for himself. As the characters and the comic industry grew, so did the relationship and the dynamics of each chracter. Also, with different mediums for Superman, (Radio, Comics, TV, Movies, etc) they could expand more of the character relationships.

    During the 50's, the writers made Lois infatuated with Superman, and even gave her her own comic book, showing her adventures where she tried in every way imaginable to show that Clark and Superman were the same person. With the coming of the George Reeves television show, Lois and Clark were friends and co-workers, but they were never intimate. Lois became close with Superman, but the producers decided to stay away from heavy romance in the show.

    As the times passed, so did the comics that were too costly for DC (the publishers), and in the mid 80's, they tried to re-establish both the history and relationships of the chracters. The writers made Lois and Clark flirt and be attracted to each other, but nothing serious. Clark was trying to get Lois to like him because of who he was, and not just rip his shirt open and say "Surprise! Look who I am!"

    While this was happening in the comics, the Lois and Clark TV show came on the air, it was heavy in the romance. The show's concept was to focus on the intimacy, hence the name "Lois and Clark" and not 'Superman'. Because of the huge fanbase and the big demand for more than just atease, the producers decided to finally engage the two in the second season and marry them in the fourth. But because so many people watched the show, and then would turn to the comics and see them still flirting, the comic publishers decided to make them wed in the comics too. It was a little rushed, but most of the comic readers (myself included!) were happy with it and thought it worked out fine.

    Hope that helps....

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    If you mean the George Reeves Superman, no. He never married Lois. I really don't think Lois even liked him too much.

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    until there is a few new software i don't be attentive to of, that is not "Comics and animation" yet might desire to be "television minutiae" (if there's a classification for that). in case you're speaking of the stay action series that became on ABC a decade in the past, yeah, I cherished it. I cherished the twist it became concentrating extra on Lois and Clark's relationship better than the Clark/Superman image. And, of direction, had many a delusion of Lois (Teri Hatcher).

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    Nope, Superman never married Lois in anything. It was always a case of unrequited love. However, in one of the Christopher Reeve movies, they did do "it" and he gave up all his powers for her. Then the world proceeded to go all to pieces due to the "bad guys" and he undid everything, got his powers back, and Lois didn't remember a thing. That's as close as they came.

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    Which old "Superman" show??? The one I grew up with, starred George Reeves and I'm quite certain Superman never married anyone in that '50s show.

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    In "Lois & Clark" with Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain they were married.

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