can you get the Turbo Tax filing fee for free?

I get turbo tax sent each year electronically but there's always a 50 or 60 dollar fee.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You may be able to use Turbo Tax or another private e-file provider for free via the Internet if your AGI (and your spouse's if you are married) is $52,000 or below. You do not receive a free version of the software to install on your computer, but you get to file your taxes through the private company's website for free. Turbo Tax is usually one out of many different providers. In some cases, your tax return might be too complicated to use this method or maybe not. You may be surprised how complicated your return can be and yet you will still be able to file for free! Check it out! It's worth a try.This program is set to start on Tuesday January 16th, 2007. See the website below for more details.

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    Turbotax Filing Fee

  • 1 decade ago

    Some companies get discounted rates for their employees through Turbo Tax. Contact your HR dept. to see if that offer is available where you work.

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