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My girlfriend and I are both virgins, and both ready to have sex. Yet, everytime we attempt to have sex it just goes wrong! The first time I didn't know where to put it once foreplay had finished. And the last time, she was on her period, and it didn't really work as there was blood everywhere. What should I do as my self-confidence has almost eroded? Should I just give up trying!

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    First, maybe have a conversation with your girlfriend about what's happened so far and have a good laugh about it. Agree that there's no pressure for either of you. Then agree that since you are both new at this, your just going to learn as you go; do some exploring; see what works and doesn't work. Let it be a process to enjoy rather than a task to complete. Humans have been doing this since time began and all the other animals seem to just go about their business and get ti done! It doesn't have to be complicated, it's just our pesky human brains that make it so. Have some fun. Relax. Enjoy.

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    When sex happens for the first time, both partners are embarassed and off-guard, of course. And that's normal!

    If we then add the ignorance about the other's sexual organs, the situation becomes more difficult even!

    If the vagina is well lubricated due to the prior foreplay, supposing you are on her, it generally is sufficient to move the hard penis near the great vagina lips to find the duct (orifice). Anyway, since you both know your own sexual organ I advise you to ask her to handle your penis and put it in the right orifice when the sexual act will have to start!

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    Don't let your confidence erode.

    It is not the first time a guy didn't know where to put it that is OK.

    And the second time never have sex when she is on her period because its way too messy and ugh!

    Third don't forget you have a billion sperms inside or you ejaculate that once you orgasm inside of her they are all going to swim like hell to get to that egg and impregnate her. It just takes one time and boom your a father.

    You need to wear a condom other wise she will get pregnant.

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    dont give up trying

    just try to fix a date when she isnt in her periods

    and both of u could take advice on intercourse procedures from someone

    ur parents

    or siblings and friends who hav done it

    i cant tellu cuz im virgin myself

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    i think this is a sighn that you're not ready so i suggest you wait

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    relax, you can do it.

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