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Why almost all cologne\perfume say "eau de toilette"?

Almost all my colognes\perfumes (from different brands) say "eau de toilette". And whats the difference between cologne and perfume?

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    eau de toilet refers to the strength of the scent, there is also eau de cologne, actually this is very wear, and not very many scents are it, there is also eau de parfum it is very strong, but eau de toilete is the standard fragrance strength, coloqually cologne referes to a man's fragrance, and perfume refers to a woman's fragrance, though perfume can also just refer to any fragrance. I don'tnow where the different terms started though.

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    eau de toilette is just a type of "scent"

    most "perfume" is considered eau de toillette because most factories produce it. it's cheaper and it represents the market. the better ones only produced in small number since they're only consumed by people like ana wintour or beyonce

    the difference between cologne and perfume is just a percentage of some natural oil subtstances (e.g. rose oil)

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    whilst not a technical person... Eau de toilette is weaker, than perfume much less expensive and according to the purely toilette water. Perfumes/ colognes are the real thing

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    Its French and perfumes and colognes originate from France and the difference between perfume and cologne is cologne scents are normally made for men. BUt if its a girl scent than it can come in cologne, perfume, or body mist.

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    1. So that you know it's not an eau de parfum.

    2. Cologne is for guys, perfume is for women.

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    Actually yes, if I see a few interesting or suspicious questions/answers from someone I'll check out their about me and sometimes even search through their activity and even check the name they've signed up with(which no one should be able to see but there's a trick to it lol). Yeah it's a little stalkerish but it's really helpful to recognize trolls and gain insight on people here. Like you're a Mean Angel, what does that mean anyway?

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    toilette, i think it means its made from water and other stuff added to the real perfume to make perfume which is cheaper so people can afford it! :)

  • Because they originate in France...

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