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conc. sulphuric acid可以將limus paper轉black嗎?

chem1994 ce mc:

conc. sulphuric acid can trun blue limus paper red and then black.

Why is it like that?

Why is it concern with dehydrating property?

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    limus paper 可用來測試試酸鹼, 在酸的情況下, blue limus paper 會變 red

    sulphuric acid也是酸性, 所以會令blue limus paper 變 red

    同時, sulphuric acid有dehydrating property(脫水性), 會把化合物中含水的物質抽離(*不一定是把水分子吸出, 是可以將水的元素抽出, 如 糖 C6H12O6 + H2SO4 --> 6C + H2SO4‧6H2O) 同樣地, limus paper (是碳氫氧化合物) 也含有水的元素, 所以經脫水後只剩上碳, 呈黑色

    如有任何錯誤, 請各位指正 thz

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