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731天與時並進:DEAD AND BURRIED 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

Former Iraqi dictator 獨栽者 Saddam Hussein 薩達姆, who was hanged 被縊 yesterday for crimes 罪行 against humanity 人道, was buried 下葬 early today in the town where he was born.


News of his dealth has been welcomed by the families of those he killed and tormented (tormented 怎解?) , while (while 是否解而或然而?) his supporters are calling him a martyr 烈士 and Muslims 回教徒 around the world have condemned (condemned 怎解?) America’s involvement in his execution 正法.

Update 2:

New footage 片段 of his hanging has been posted on the Internet showing his executioners 劊子手 taunting (taunting 怎解?) him in the final moments (moments 為何不是 moment 一刻 (uncountable noun)) of his life.

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    所以the families of those he killed and tormented是"被他折磨殺害的人的家屬"...





    (final moment會是死前的那一刻...要是只得一刻,那些劊子手大概難以taunt他吧?)

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