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而我的英文又很爛= ="


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    Cats among the pigeons 把貓放進鴿子群中 — 也就是造成混亂的意思。In today’s meeting, your proposal puts cats among the pigeon. 今天會議中,你的提議造成一片混亂。

    Cat got your tongue 貓卡住了舌頭 — 也就是有口難言的意思。 Why you let the cat got your tongue at the debate? 為何你在辯論中表現有口難言的樣子?

    Cat nap 貓的午睡 — 也就是午餐後的小睡。I used to take a cat nap in the summer. 我夏天時習慣性午後小睡一會兒。

    Cat’s pajama 貓的睡衣 — 穿著華麗的衣服。Ladies wear cat’s pajamas during the weddings. 女士們在婚禮中穿著華麗。

    Curiosity killed the cat. 過度好奇的貓遭殺身之禍 — 人也像貓一樣喜歡探聽事情會遭致惡果。I have no whatever knowledge about the murder. Don’t get me involved, curiosity killed the cat. 我對謀殺案一無所知。別把我捲入,我不想多言惹禍。

    Let the cat out of the bag. 讓貓鑽出袋子 — 將真相揭曉。The true has been held for weeks, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. 事實適時真相被壓住好幾個禮拜了,該是揭曉的時候了。

    It’s raining cats and dogs. 貓狗像雨般落下 — 天降傾盆大雨。It rains cats and dogs in the storm. 暴風來襲時大雨傾盆而下。

    See which way the cat jumps 看貓往那邊跳— 先仔細觀察再做決定。The situation is not yet clarified; we had better hold our decision to see which way the cat jumps. 情勢尚未明朗,我們最好觀察一段時間再做決定。

    Not room to swing a cat. 窄得連一隻貓都甩不出去 — 形容房間窄小。 The school dormitory is so small which is even to a room to swing a cat. 學校宿舍窄得連隻貓都容不下。

    There is more than one way to skin a cat. 剝貓皮的方法不只一種 — 不必堅持一種想法或作法。 Try to take bus, sometimes it’s quicker to arrive than subway. There is more than one way to skin a cat. 試試搭公車有時比捷運快,凡事總有不同選擇。

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    1.A cat has nine lives.貓有九條命(不容易死掉)

    2.A cat may look at a king.貓也可以看國王(喻身分卑微者亦有其應享的權利)

    3.Curiosity killed the cat.好奇心害死了貓(好奇足以喪命)

    4.When the cat's away,the mice will play.老貓一不在,鼠輩就造反;閻王不在,小鬼跳牆

    5.Don't let the cat get your tongue.不說話(因恐懼、膽怯而不作聲的人)

    6.let the cat out of the bag無意中洩露秘密 a cat on a hot tin roof急燥的坐立不安;急如熱鍋上的螞蟻

    8.not have a cat in a hell's chance毫無機會

    9.make a cat laugh非常可笑

    10.put the cat among the pigeons惹出亂子,引起軒然大波(以引人反感的言行)

    11.It's raining cats and dogs.下著傾盆大雨

    12.There's not enough room to swing a cat(房間裡)空間狹窄得無法轉身

    Source(s): 文馨當代英漢辭典(第五版),朗文當代高級辭典(第三版)
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