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What about in the longer term?

Non-smokers who are exposed to passive smoking in the home, have a 25% increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

Researchers from London's St George's Medical School and the Royal Free hospital have recently found when you include exposure to passive smoking in the workplace and public places the risk of coronary heart disease is increased by 50-60%.

A major review in 1998 by the Government-appointed Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH) concluded that passive smoking is a cause of lung cancer and ischaemic heart disease in adult non-smokers, and a cause of respiratory disease, cot death, middle ear disease and asthmatic attacks in children.

There is also some evidence to suggest that passive smoking may affect children's mental development.

SCOTH has looked at the data since 1998 and concluded secondhand smoke is damaging.

However, it is true that the health risks of breathing in other people's tobacco smoke are much smaller than those posed by actually smoking.

And the pro-smoking lobby, including the campaigning group FOREST, argue that the case against passive smoking has never been properly proved.

They point to a study by the University of California published in the British Medical Journal which found that the link between environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease and lung cancer may be considerably weaker than generally believed.

This in turn, is disputed by the anti-smoking lobby, which points out that after considering the BMJ study, the UK Government's Committee on Carcinogens and SCOTH still concluded that environmental tobacco smoke is carcinogenic, and responsible for several hundred deaths a year in the UK.

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    London's St George's Medical School and the Royal Free hospital的研究者最近發現.你在工作或公共場所吸二手菸.罹患冠狀動脈疾病上升56-60%

    1998年的the Government-appointed Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH)的評論報告下了一個結論. 吸二手菸是導致成年非吸煙者罹患肺癌.缺血性心臟病的一個因子; 在孩童則導致呼吸疾病.嬰兒猝死.中耳疾病及氣喘的一個因子





    他們指出university of calfornia 在british medical journal發表的研究說二手菸和冠狀疾病.肺癌之間的關聯比一般人所相信的還低

    接著.反吸煙團體辯論說the BMJ study, the UK Government's Committee on Carcinogens and SCOTH 做結論.二手菸是致癌的.並要對英國一年幾百人的死亡負責

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    聖喬治的醫學學校和王室的免費醫院最近已經找到了的來自倫敦的研究人員, 當你在工作場所和公共場所對被動的冒煙包括暴露時,冠心病的危險被增加50-60%。

    一主要回顧在1998 以政府任命科學委員會在煙草上健康(SCOTH)斷定被動的吸煙是 一個肺癌和ischaemic 成年人的非吸煙者的心臟病的原因, 以及在孩子裡的一個呼吸道疾病,小床死,中間耳朵疾病和氣喘的發作的原因。





    他們指向一項透過加利福尼亞大學在英國醫學雜誌裡出版的研究, 發現下環境煙草之間的連接吸煙並且冠心病和肺癌可能比一般相信弱得多。

    依次的這, 被抗冒煙的大堂爭論,這在認為BMJ 研究之后,指出那個, 英國政府委員會在致癌物和仍然斷定環境煙草吸煙的SCOTH上致癌,和對負責幾百死一年在英國內

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