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help! my cat is stuc behind the computer, its two in the morning, what do we do! help!


ok, well, the problem is, shes stoburn, and, she keeps hissing at me. and, my parents are in bed, and i'll get grounded, i also think she pooped

Update 2:

and, asshole, i'm twelve freakin years old! i havent been drinking!

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    OKAY Honey, calm down, and don't pay any attention to the idiot who thinks you're drinking. Cats usually do NOT get "stuck". This is why God gave them long whiskers. If they can get their head, including whiskers into any opening, they can get out of it. Chances are, she may be cold and she likes cuddling up against the back of the computer to take in some heat. Leave her alone until you go to bed and I'll bet she'll join you. Otherwise, move the computer out just a little bit. Hope this will help you.

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    ummmm... don't mean to sound like a smartarse, but can't you just move the computer? what do you mean by 'computer' and 'stuck'. Of course if you are using one of those old IBM Mainframes...

    On a serious note. Don't panic because the cat will pick up on your vibe. Be calm and try to lure the cat out. There are a few tricks you can try.

    1: Leave the room. Often the cat will want to follow you and just figure it out themselves.

    2: when out of the room, call them too you. Bribe the cat with food by making lots of noise filling up the cat's food bowl.

    3: try making pathetic 'meowing' noises. This sounds dumb, but it can work. The cat will want to come to see you.

    Cats are very flexible and mostly smart, you might need to only move the computer/table/cupboard a tiny bit to give it some room to move.

    Good luck.

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    get his favorite food and coax him out with it. If that does not work, just leave him alone and he'll come out on his own. Can you move the computer? Try that - gently. I don;t think your parents will "ground" you because the cat decided to go behind the computer - your folks will know its a cat and cats do what cats do... etc... The worst thing you can do is freak out and scare the cat - then he wouldn't want to come out.

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    If the cat got stuck then it is the cats responsibility to get out. It needs to learn. Perhaps a dog could help. MEEOOOWWW. Or maybe you could ask a serious question.

    Also, if your 12 years old - GO TO BED. It's past your bedtime. Tell your parents that they need to restrict your internet access.

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    Pull back the computer table so that he's physically able to get out.

    Then just leave him alone. He'll come out when he's good and ready.

    Also, if you have a bag of cat treats, shake it around. He might come running.

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    Bring out your best ding ding can of cat food and open it right in front of her. That will be a winner. Or else, check to see if the cat is somehow stuck back there. Good luck!

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    Move the puter set out some tuna.

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    silly help her out. The time doesnt matter!Get her something to eat and move your computer out some.

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    I suggest coaxing it out. Maybe with food or wutever then try moving the computer and maybe he/she will slip out!

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    Move the computer.

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