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What happens to an inhabited land that is prone to tectonis hazards?

its a geography essay qs...

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    Tectonic hazards

    Earthquakes and volcanoes can be devastating. Scientists have been trying to find ways to predict these events for many years. Remote sensing by satellite has provided key tools to help them in this search.

    The eruption of volcanoes in populated areas causes great hardship for local people and disrupts communications and infrastructure.

    The San Francisco Bay Area of California is particularly at risk from earthquakes because it lies on a plate boundary called the San Andreas Fault. In 1989, an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale coincided with the afternoon rush hour and brought chaos to the city. On this occasion, work done by emergency management agencies meant the damaged infrastructure was soon repaired.

    Being in the United States, these agencies were well-funded. However, it can be much more difficult for poorer countries to recover.

    We associate many features with plate boundaries, including fold mountains, active volcanoes and fault zones. Long lines of plate boundaries occur beneath the oceans with features related to the plate movements. These include volcanic peaks (sea mounts), mid-ocean ridges and deep ocean trenches. Tectonic hazards such as earthquakes and active volcanoes occur mainly at the plate edges.

    In populated areas, these hazards can lead to devastation and loss of life. It is very difficult to predict when these events will take place. In addition, secondary events such as mudslides or tidal waves, resulting directly from the initial hazard, can wreak their own havoc and cause more damage.

    The ENVISAT satellite carries instruments on board that are helping us to gain a better understanding of the geological processes that lead to earthquakes and volcanoes. For more information, please visit the ESA website.

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