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What are foods that make you less tired?

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    Sugar spikes your blood sugar, giving you only a temporary increase in energy, eventually followed by a drop unless you keep up the sugar intake.

    I can live on Gatorade for the better part of a day, but then it catches up & I feel pretty cruddy until I get some protein & healthy carbs.

    Healthy foods like meat, produce, and whole grains, supply you with a steady stream of energy through constant blood sugar at healthy levels.

    That is whay you feel so much better when you eat better.

    Also, drink lots of water-helps to de-tox from every day life, and increases energy, skin & hair health-everything is healthier with 2 litres water/day.

    Healthy New Year to you!

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    anyhting with high sugar content

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    high fat calories and sugar, it give you energy all the time

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