Why do all today's wars involve Muslims?

Or almost all.

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    The terrorists are the Arab Muslims who blow themselves up in Israeli restaurants and who fire rockets at Israeli civilians.

    The ones who fight back against the terrorists are the protectors of freedom and democracy. They act in self-defense. And occasionally cause collateral damage. But they are not aiming to kill Arab civilians. The distinction is critical.

    The Arabs will not disapprove of terrorism, because they regard it as their most effective weapon in Islamizing the entire world.

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    Can you list the conflicts of which you speak? You might as well ask why Christians are almost always the opposing side in those wars involving Muslims


    Because there are several in South America that don't involve Muslims...such as Brazil, Panama, Chili...

    Also look at stuff in east Asia, Korea, Burma, Sri Lanka, Tibet.

    South Africa is between animists and witches...not even Muslims involved.

    In Uganda, it's actually fundamentalist Christians who want to establish a theocracy based on the ten commandments by kidnapping up to 2000 children a year.

    For the lady quoting the koran, have you ever read the old testament? It's filled with the exact same stuff....

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    Basically this is what I have gathered from talking to several Muslim colleges and friends.

    I do not take any Sides myself as I do not know the full story or who's right or wrong.

    But this might give you some Idea of why there so pissed off.

    A lot of the Same wars also all seem to involve George Bush in some way.

    And the American army tends to have a habit of blowing the crap out of a entire village just to take out one terrorist camp and killing 1,000s of innocent people for the sake of killing a small number of terrorists..

    Many believe Bush to be using thee war as a excuse for attacking towns the have nothing to do with what happened in September 11th for the sake of oil amongst other reasons.

    And from what I have heard there have been a far greater number of Muslim's killed by Americans as the number reaches the 100 thousands compared to the tiny 3,000 or what ever in was on 11 Sept

    Source(s): Basically this is what I have gathered from talking to serveral Muslim colleges and friends. I do not take any Sides myself as I do not know the full storyor whos right or wrong. But this might give you some Idea of why there so pissed off.
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    Not ALL Muslims want to be at war but there is a radical group that believes that anyone who does not believe as they do Christians, Jews, Buddhist, and even other Muslims must die. These people can not be reasoned with they are not rational. They think they will be rewarded in heaven if they die killing the rest of the world.

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    No. Very few do, and those were not stared by True Muslims, rather by extremist groups claiming to be Muslims or Christians, depending what side they're on.

    And Jihad refers to an inner war against your own vices, not an outward war. Learn about the terms you use before you use them (that was for first the poster here)

    I'm also gonna edit and refer you to the site the poster right above me posted, which is very well done and worth a look.


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    Because muslims believe that all their problems can be solved by indiscriminate killing of civilians, bombing campaigns against schoolchildren, and brutality against their own citizens.

    They've repeatedly declared antagonistic, violent threats against people of every country, and now that the world is reacting to their aggression, they express the most astonishing surprise and alarm!

    To all of you that believe in "tolerance" and "peace" at any cost(to include your dignity), the muslims you love so much will gladly chop YOUR heads off on al-Jazeera if they get the chance.

    The war that's happening now is only a reaction to years of threats and state-supported terrorism. Now it's mutated into some "great jihad" for every dimwitted muslim with access to a firearm.

    The "jihadists" are their own worst enemies; they're raising their children to be little suicide bombers, indoctrinating them at the earliest ages to "sacrifice themselves for allah(whoever HE is, some worthless pagan entity that's been invested with legitimacy through common usage, I would imagine), so that they can bring the world to its knees. Ha. What they don't seem to realize is that eventually they'll run out of suicide bombers due to self-attrition.

    So just keep killing yourselves for little or no conceivable gain, little muslims; all you'll accomplish thereby is A) Your own extinction and B) Earning the animosity of the world community for your disgusting acts of indiscriminate violence.

    "Fastest growing religion in the world"? Sure, until they all kill themselves with suicide bombs out of their own stupidity. My concern is, how many innocents will they be allowed to kill and maim before the rest of the world decides to effectively fight back, without all this "politically correct" dithering around?

    P.S. the person who thought up and implemented "political correctness"(probably a Communist) should be shot in the back of the neck and fed to a family of snapping turtles.

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    I'm totally with you psstt..

    there are many reasons for these wars; as Arab rich people's money in american & european banks, in addition to the american need for oil

    another main reason is the american isralian great ambition to invade the middle east totally.

    and there many reasons that are obvious for just a TVnews watcher and not a politician

    finally, I want to add a point.. If muslims are terorrists , so what israeli people and american inavadors can be named

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    Islam is like each and every diverse faith, to boot Judaism. each and every faith even nonetheless them has some style of punishment for people who don't experience in "their" god. And of direction Allah interprets to God, so technically see you later as you experience in God and pray to him, you ought to be ok.

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    well if you ask the people who start them they will say they are fighting terrorists... anyway probably because most of the religious world is muslim. which may seem hard to believe but its true... i have nothing aginst muslims.. 1 of my best friends is muslim

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    because they're afraid that islam will invade the whole world and they don't want that so they choose to kill muslims

    it's something to do with the economy thay will lose money if there's lot of muslims out there

    they prefer people to be shallow and be consumers and buy things to spend thei money, not to make sense and be aware of what's goin'on.

    everyday 100 muslim person at least dies WHY???

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