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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationOther - Cars & Transportation · 1 decade ago

What really saves gas?

What are some of the ways I can make my gasoline last longer?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don't tailgate. It makes you speed up and slow down too much and it's dangerous. Use your cruise control if you have one. Your car is most efficient at a steady speed. Don't speed. The faster you go, the more energy your car spends overcoming wind resistance. Don't take off from stops with a lead foot. It burns too much fuel and it doesn't get you there any faster. In fact, your car will idle its way up to over 15 miles per hour if all you do is take your foot off the brakes. Stay off the brakes in traffic. All they do is convert all that momentum you build up into worthless heat energy that is dissipated into thin air. It also uses up your brake pads and/or shoes, which like your fuel, are consumable and subject to conservation just like fuel. Use the car's natural ability to slow itself down. This goes hand in hand with not tailgating, as well as timing red and green lights so you don't have to stop. The car's momentum is money in the bank when it comes to getting back up to speed after you slow down. Don't speed up and slow down a lot. Try to drive you car when you can maintain a steady speed instead of driving through stop and go traffic. Every time you step on the gas to accelerate you dump extra fuel into the engine that could be saved for later. Make sure you have a clean air filter and good spark plugs. Gasoline needs a strong spark and the right amount of air to burn efficiently. Make sure your car is tuned up well. Keep your tires fully inflated. Under-inflated tires are harder to roll. Don't use the air conditioning if you don't need it. Any extra drag on the engine cuts into your fuel economy. No one needs the car to be 40 degrees inside. Don't carry a bunch of extra crap in your car. Extra weight equals lower miles per gallon. Don't fall for bogus junk like Turbonators or Tornados or fuel line magnets or fuel additives. They don't work, and even if they did, the minuscule benefit would be far outweighed by the cost.

    Source(s): I do all these things, and I get 30+ miles per gallon with my Neon. My wife could never get more than 24.
  • 1 decade ago

    If you really want to make your gasoline last longer, turn the key to "OFF" position. Don't start your engine or let it idle unless you want your car to move. Don't make that extra trip to the shopping center; Don't drive your car to work every day; find alternative methods of moving about, like buying an electric car, riding a bicycle, taking a bus, or walking to work; Lastly, pretend that the cost of gasoline is 10 times whatever you are currently paying. Try applying for "EARLY" retirement, so you can stay at home or convert your job to working out of your home.

    Source(s): CA Licensed Smog Inspector
  • 1 decade ago

    Well there a lot of products that claim to do it, however, you need to really look close at just how much, as well as the cost and ease of installation. A product that has been around a long time and getting great reviews is the Tornado, it swirls the air to help mix the fuel better, thereby increasing mileage, reported 1-2 mpg gains. Performance chips, air intakes, larger exhaust are all ways to make gains, how much will depend on your vehicle and driving habits. The best way I have found to improve mileage is to let off the gas pedal earlier and coast more than brake. Hope this helps!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Check your spark plugs, make sure your air filter is clean, check the air pressure in your tires, don't run the AC unless necessary, and try not to drive over 55, the slower you go the less gas you burn. If everyone did this, the cost of gas would go down $0.01 after the first day.

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  • 5 years ago

    in case you mean gasoline in a vehicle (as against a gasoline range), then i could advise extremely making plans out the place you pass and whilst. do no longer in basic terms get in the vehicle and force to the financial employer and back domicile. Make each and every holiday count type. I frequently decide what errands i ought to do in a week (food market, financial employer, library, post place of work, etc) and plan out a path. as an occasion, the financial employer is on a thank you to the food market so i will make those journeys collectively. day after in the present day i will pass to the post place of work with the aid of fact i'm close to it besides as quickly as I drop my daughter off in school. in case you do this continuously, you unquestionably shop lots.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Make sure you give your vehicle a full tuneup.... check your user manual and it will tell you at what intervals to change parts.

    change these parts at these intervals

    Air filter-15k miles

    Oil and filter-3k miles

    fuel filter- 3k miles

    Spark Plugs- 20K miles

    Spark Plug wires-25K miles

    Check all fluids too.

    A well tuned car will perform the best and get the best mileage compared to a poorly maintained vehicle.

  • maamu
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Buy a car with a small engine. Manual tranmission is even better.

    I have one that gets 49 MPG highway. Cute little car. Only paid $1400.00 for it 3 years ago--I guess it has paid for itself several times.


  • 1 decade ago

    get a 5-gallon plastic gas tank, sell your car and walk or ride a bus everywhere. if the tank doesn't get any air into it, you'll have 5 gallons of gas for years to come

  • Ivan
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    By far the best solution is to buy a fuel efficient car.

    There may be some benefits to running in neutral downhill, avoid fast accelerations etc. but to really get the gas savings, you have to buy another car.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get a bicycle. When I think about the price of gas, I just smile.

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