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I am a senior in high school, and though I haven't completely decided I want to have the career of medical illustrator, it is one that I am very interested in. I already have plans for the next four years of education at a standard 4 year university. (My dad works at a university in Oregon, so I won't be refusing the free education)

If I were to pursue this career, how much education would I have to get? Also what should I major and minor in? I heard that it takes a doctorate to be able to have this career, is that true?

If anyone has any information on this subject, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you!

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    Medical Illustrator College Requirements:

    In order to become a medical illustrator, a student must have specialized training in art and the biological sciences. A bachelor's degree combining art and premedical courses is usually preferred, followed by a master's degree in medical illustration. There are only five accredited master's degree programs in the entire country, and they only accept a limited number of students. Therefore, an excellent academic record as well as an outstanding portfolio of your artwork is necessary.

    Career Outlook:

    Medical illustration is a very small and competitive field. Employment opportunities for illustrators are expected to grow about as fast as all other professions. There is a projected growth of between 10% and 25% in this job market through the year 2010. Medical illustrators will continue to be utilized in the educational field. As technology changes the way we educate our students, illustrators will be needed to produce state-of-the are computer models of biological processes in order to help teachers stay on the cutting edge. Anyone who enjoys science and is an exceptional artist should consider a career as a medical illustrator.

    Good luck!

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    The University of Illinois has a fantastic site that you should browse.

    Here's the url:

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