has anyone had a tattoo successfully removed?

How many session did it take and what size was it? did you remove by laser? what colour was the ink? is it completely removed?

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    JWH Bush had a Navy tatoo removed from his arm with laser surgery, and that's about the only way to do it, unless you like cattle brands.

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    My mother had broken veins removed from her face using the same laser techniques that are used to remove tattoos.

    She was given a sample session, and didn't go back for more, because (a) the skin was very sensitive and painful afterwards, and (b) she wasn't all that happy with the results.

    Unless your tattoo is really giving you grief, e.g. for reasons best known to yourself, you had "**** YOU" written somewhere prominent, I'd tend to suggest you leave it alone. Certainly, tattoo removal does leave scars. I have heard of people who had tattoos removed, because they didn't think it was socially acceptable, and who then missed them...

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    I knew a woman who had both her arms covered with tattoos when she was younger. When she got older, she started working with the elderly and most of her patients (she is a nurse) treated her oddly because of them. She decided to have them removed and had to have skin grafts. Her arms are now scarred and she said it was the most painful thing she had ever felt. That's why all of my tattoos are in places that I can cover if need be.

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    No matter how you have the tattoo removed you going to be able to see that it was once there.

    Get a cover up, it costs less and you can get something you be happier with.

    Good Luck.

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    Yep! On my wrist. Had it cut out. Left a scar and I dont care.

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    why remove it? just fix it. get a cover up.

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