Has anyone tried Acene Complex by Murad?

b/c i just got it. did it work for ya'll? thanks


i've already tried proactiv didn't work for me i've also tried everything out on the market.

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    I've tried it and it really didn't do much, and it's about 50 bucks for the set, it's just a waste of money. What I use now is Queen Helene mint julep mask and scrub and tea tree oil that I order from Australia ( I know that seems to be a bit much but you can get larger bottles of it for cheaper than what they sell for out here and it doesn't take that long for shipping). I order the mint julep mask and scrub from www.drugstore.com and it's not expensive at all, the tea tree oil I get from www.tphealthshop.com and the maker is Thursday plantation, hope this helps.

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    I tried it a couple of years ago and it did work. One word...patience! It works a little slower than most products, but it does work. Personally, my skin seems to get used to products after about 3-4 months so they stop working. This happened with Murad. What I did was alternate between Murad and a scrub made by skinclean.com every 4 months. I love the scrub better than anything out there. And no, I don't work for them. I'm just a happy user.

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    yes i did try it but it didn't work what so ever... but every one has a different type of skin so just give it a try if not just return it before the 60 days. I am now using proactive it works Ok i'm not saying omg I am clear clear but it's the best i could find out there if murad doesn't work give proactive a try.

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    i also tried it for the 60 days but saw no results. I did like how the products made my skin feel, but my skin didn't clear up. Also i had a very hard time getting my money back when i complained that it didn't work. they try to get you to keep it saying it needs more time, but then you will be past the 60 days. i did get a refund after all that, so just a warning. i hope it works for you!

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    I think you should really go to a dermetologist...they'll tell you whats good for your skin..

    i use cetaphil cleanser, cetaphil lotion, clindamycin in the morning and differn in the night!..sometimes i forget and start to break out!!!...it really helps and i hardly have any acne now!..i also go once every 1 or 2 months to my dermetalogist and he takes some of the black heads out!

    anyways yea you should really see a dermetologist!

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    1 decade ago

    try proactive.................it works on every person who tried it!!

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