Should I pursue a relationship?

I work with this woman she has a kid. We have been talking at work through im for a little over a week. The conversations have been a mixture of teasing and picking on each other. I am really falling for her and want to know what the best way to pursue a relationship or if i should try and pursue a relationship with her. She is the best woman I have ever met she is funny and when i talk to her i am happy she makes me want to go to work.

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    Hey, I know how you are feeling.

    First, let me ask, do you talk frequently at work? One important thing to realize, is that talking over instant messenger is vastly different than talking in real life. You have more time to be witty, and body language plays no role. If all your chemistry is on line, and when you talk at work it is somewhat awkward, I would think of a different approach....but I'm just speculating based on the information you gave.

    For a hard, man to man answer from someone that has been there many times...I would say ask her out as soon as possible. Ask her if she wants to go for coffee, as those dates usually work out best. Coffee dates seem short at first, but usually if sparks fly it ends up as a whole afternoon and dinner together. Either way, ask her out.

    The most important thing you must do is avoid stalling. Women generally do not consider being approached for a date to be damaging, if you get denied then you are still friends. If she is interested though, and you wait you will end up in the friend zone.

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    Hi there,

    You seem to really like her but I think it would be best to take things slow. Keep on flirting on IM, it's fun and will help you guys bond. Ask her out to coffee or for dinner, etc. You seem unsure about pursuing a relationship so take it slow. Just give it time, she will appreciate patience (but don't just do nothing... ask her to dinner etc) these days to be "exclusive" can be a while but no need to force anything... just be yourself be a gentleman and be honest. She seems like a nice lady.

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    I think you should pursue a relationship. Ask her out. Any woman who makes you want to go to work is really special.

  • Sax M
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    You should not date co-workers, and you should not date single mothers. You should be prepared to lose your job tomorrow if you are going to start dating her. It can only end in either one of you quitting your jobs, or either one of you filing for sexual harassment.

    If you don't believe that, then believe this. You will always be second place to her kid. Also, kids=baggage. Is that the kind of relationship you want?

    You can definitely do better and get in less trouble. Find a woman that does not work with you and find one that does not have any kids.

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    you say she has a child, I assume you know she not still married.

    Just let it go along naturally, don't hurry it.

    She has a lot to think about already having a child and so do you.

    Do you want to take her and the child on, are you ready for that sort of commitment? if not forget it.

    If you are, just take your time, she will like you for not rushing her.

    Having a coffee or something is harmless, just be friends for a while.

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    The first thing you meed to do is except the fact that she has a kid.Women like that also ask her out take the kid to. Then let the relation that its course.

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    You've just got to go for it!!!! Ask her out for a coffee....if she says yes....GREAT! If she says NO.....what have you lost!? Nothing!! You've gotta take a chance to get what you want in life!!!!

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    ask her out and see where that leads you ..if you wait to long then someone elas will come along and you will be left out in the cold

    Source(s): me i like someone and he took to long.. he did not let me know until i was with someone elas and then it was to late
  • Joho
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    ask her out. good luck and have a happy new year.

  • 1 decade ago

    take it slow and get to know her. all her personalities.

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