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I have proof of the supernatural(Ghosts)?

My mother's father was very old and sickly. He was admitted to the hospital as his body was already failing him. While waiting for him for a few consecutive days and nights, my mother fell asleep and had this strange dream of her father telling her to go home and that it is all over...My mother felt this very strong undesrcibable presence with her when she awoke and shortly afterwards the nurses told her that her father had passed away...

Few months before my grandfather's death, my mother was doing some part-time job while schooling and had not much time with her father... But she suddenly had this feeling that she should spent time with her father and thus quited her job to do so...

True story from my mother as she wouldnt and has no reason to lie to me... I would like to know whether there are others with similar experience... Thanks a lot...

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    I had something similar when my grandmother (mother's mother) took ill when I was 8. I had this feeling I needed to tell her everything I wanted her to know. So one afternoon in late Dec. I did. I told my mother she should do the same, but blew it off. We put my grandmother in ICU for exhaustion on Dec 24. We went and saw her on Christmas, and the 26th she died.

    That night I had a dream. She came to me and told me she was okay and not to be sad. There was more details to the dream that I am not going to go into, but I strongly feel it was her and not just a dream.

    My mother a few years later asked me why I had told her to tell my grandmother what she needed to say right before she died. I told her I knew she was going to die. Apparently my mother had the same feeling right before my great grandmother died.

    I guess it is up to what the person believes. If it helps them get closer why tell them any different?

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    Your mother is not lying to you. Spirits give messages when they feel a need to. Yes, I have had many encounters with spirits, both of my bloodline and those wanting to send messages to their loved ones who do not have the gift. If your mother has the gift, it is very likely you do too. Please tell me any encounters that you are questioning. You are a sensitive, it is not frightening as the spirits cannot and will not hurt the living.

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    Ditto Swar and South Carolina.

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    I have seen flashes of light in my room. They came from my ceiling.. there is no way anything could have caused it exept the supernatural. I have also heard voices. However, I am more sensitive to this stuff due to being a psychic. No matter how much "proof" you have, we will always be seen as crazy by most of society.

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    I believe the story she told you cause I had a similar but different experience.

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    My grandmother was able to see people and sense things before they happened and she always told me that she would be there holding me at her funeral and not to be sad for her. She passed away going on three years now and at her funeral i felt her presence and this weight on my shoulders i knew it was her and I still here her every now and then call my name and I can smell her perfume....

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    That might be proof in your eyes but if you had to prove it to others its a different thing. You cannot prove the intangible.

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