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my sister and my friend both have heart murmers. what is a hear murmer. is it any thing serious?

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    Most heart murmurs are common and harmless.

    Though many murmurs are innocent, some may indicate serious heart problems. For instance, heart murmurs may be caused by blood flowing through a heart valve made leaky or narrow by disease.

    Murmurs can also be caused by increased blood flow across a valve as a result of medical conditions such as anemia or hypothyroidism. Congenital cardiac defects (heart problems present at birth) can also cause heart murmurs. These often can be repaired with surgery.

    The main symptoms are:

    palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness, & fatigue.

    Generally though...heart mumurs are innocent in nature and don't limit you from doing anything that anyone else does (playing sports, dancing, yoga).

    Hope this helped.

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    A heart murmur is an abnormal heart sound that can have different causes. It can be caused by pathology of any of the 4 heart valves, it can be caused by a stenosis (narrowing) of a heart valve, it can be caused by a septal defect of the heart like an open foramen ovale. A heart murmur can be a no big deal, or it can be a big deal. The cause must first be determined. The fact that you know you have them leads me to believe you have been evaluated already, so you may already know if it is the now big deal kind.

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    It is the swishing sound of blood passing through the valve opening, and most are physiological murmurs with no disease.

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    depends on how serious it is. I have one, I had open heart surgery when I was a baby.

    I've been overly succsesful in sports (swimming, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, ice hockey, diving, track, etc)

    I am currently i the Air Force and my health is (obviously) fine.

    Nothing really to be concerned about. But you can always ask them. I don't know how they came to get these murmmurs.

    Source(s): my heart murmer can be seen when I go to the doc. office. Some valve doesn't close all the way and some blood goes back into the heart instead of all of it going out of the heart to the rest of my body. (I don't exactly know what that means....but it's not that bad I guess) I've seen a doc all my life periodically for this. But I'm healthy enough to be a smoker and not have any issues with heath (excet the killing of my lungs...and the liver damage from drinking...)
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    It's a noisy heart, some are benign and some are caused by valve problems.

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