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how can i build my self confidence?

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    step 1 > clear your mind from everything

    step 2 > face your fears (unless its something outrages like having your brains being dissected by 3 headed aliens haha ok i was joking)

    step 3 > go out more (not on dates) meet different people talk to them get a job some place that will require interaction with people on daily basis like a chaser or a salesperson or something.

    step 4 > make friends (now don't be going sharing secrets with everyone trust me)

    step 5 > help other people (but don't lend them all your savings)

    step 6 > stand infront of a mirror and say "i RULE" loudly for like as long as you please (don't be going on doing that in middle of the night)

    step 6 > join a gym work out (excercise helps release depression)

    step 7 > have fun do what pleases you the most!

    that is all what i could think of...and remember practice makes don't have to alll of the above things its just something to get you started :o)

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    Hi just be yourself and in doing this and not worrying about your self confidence you will find that your life will be different. We sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves unnecessarily, the self confidence will come naturally in time.

  • I was a very inconfident person some few months back.......but I thought myself to love myself......and now....I'm really self- confident..^_^

    So, I guess the first step to be self -confident is to be happy about you and to love yourself...^_^

    Good luck!

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    For me, I try to act like I have confidence so then I actually gain some confidence. I don't know why it works, it doesn't totally work, should try it.

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    u must trust yourself .if u accept yourself other people have to believe u.

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