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What is Tiger Woods approximate net worth?

He has won so many major tournaments now as well as being a major spokesperson for General Motors and Nike, I'm guessing he has to be one of the wealthiest men in the U.S.! But what is his net worth?

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    According to this article by Golf Digest he should be worth $1 Billion by 2010.

    He was worth more than $547 Million at the end of 2005

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    Don't know exactly what he's worth right now but he will be the first billion dollar athlete! He just renewed his contract w/ Nike for another 5 yrs and reports are saying that since his last contract was in upwards of 20 mill a yr that this one could be 40 mill a yr!, Do you know how much Nike made off of his chip at the masters 2 yrs ago..Call it justification!

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    When he turn pro, his total contract value signed was US$60m. Based on his yearly average earning of US$10m plus US$10m apperance fee, I think his net worth is above US$300m.

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    1. 8 gazillion.

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    estimated $87 million

  • A whole lot more than I will make in 100 lifetimes!!!

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    abt 50 million

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    too much.

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