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Why can't I sleep right away?

Most of the times I struggle to go to sleep. Sometimes it takes me about 30 or 60 minutes to fall asleep completely.

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    this is what we called sleeplessness. The reason is that you might have a lot of things come into your mind and you keep thinking of it. Try to drink milk and take a hot shower before bed will help. You may also want to workout at the gym during noon time to relieve some of the stress in your daily life

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    First of all how old are you? do you have alot of activities going on is there a problem with your schedule when working going to school college or what ever it is that you may be doing that's causeing you to not go to sleep like you want. do you have noisy neighbors. Is there a light shining on you at night? I can go on and on with these questions but only you can aswer them for me it will give me more to work on and then I may be able to answer your question. Check out the links below they may be of some help for you. But most of all you should let your doctor know what is going on and he or she may be able to give you a safer drug so that you can sleep better ok. do that before takeing over the counter drugs because you just maybe allergic to them. I have some suggestions for over the counter Tylenol P.M Adveal but if you have a strong system these wont work for you. I hope this informaiton helps

  • Because you are a natural insomniac (you can't fall asleep right way, but rather, you stay up for hours at a time). I think everyone that is answering this question has a certain degree of this (***It's 1:56 am central time). Just do what I do, stay up long enough until you get tired. If you just lay down in bed, you'll still be up for hours just sitting there.

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    We should relax our minds at least an hour before we retire to sleep for the night. It is so hard to clear the mind if we have kept it busy right up until we go to bed. I've been there especially when I had my own business, was working on my business papers and problems right up til I went to bed. I had major problems going to sleep. I consulted a professional and they started me doing some yoga before going to bed and using aroma therapy also, burning some lavender in the bedroom before going to bed. Also had a relaxation CD that I played next to the bed as I laid in bed, I slept so deeply after all of that. I had so much more energy during the days and woke up refreshed. I got a lot out of just doing those few things before going to bed. If you choose to try some of these things sure hope you have good results too.

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    you should try going to sleep at 10:00 to 12:00 turn off all the lights turn off the tv and cover yourself with a blanket like pigs-in-a-blanket and start thinking of a dream.

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    workout 3 hours bfore goin to bed

    and have a glass of warm milk it surely helps or else skip one nights sleep n u'll b on routine frm the very next day

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    I have the same problem.. But only for me it takes me hours to fall asleep I tryed lunesta but it didn't work for me but you could always try it may work for u...

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    maybe you are just too stressed and think too much about going to sleep that you can't go to sleep.

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