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Problems about laptop Acer Aspire 3610?

when i turned on the laptop, it just stood at the Acer demo "forever", unusually slow. It did not do anything even I pressed F2 or F12, or Ctrl+ Alt+ Del. The only way to have it turn off is to take the battery out,so I did. Sometimes it turned on with only a line on the top left corner: "Operating System not found". Is it the sign of the hard drive's problem. How may I fix it.

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  • Gary D
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    1 decade ago
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    Assuming you had an operating system installed to begin with, then this looks like a hard drive problem. It is recognizing there is a drive in the system, but the drive isn't presenting any operating system to the computer upon bootup. Some things you can try...

    1) Pull out and then re-seat the hard drive.

    2) Pull out and re-seat the CD/DVD drive. (I know this one sounds weird, but it has worked on some systems...try it.)

    3) Try another hard drive in the system to see if it will boot up. (One that you know works).

    If none of these works for you, then I would suspect the hard drive interface on the motherboard has died...new motherboard needed.

    If everything fails, except #3 above, then I would think you have a bad hard drive. I would recommend replacing the hard drive, or if you want to try re-using the hard drive, you can try FDisk and Re-formatting it and installing the Operating System on it again. If you do try re-installing the OS again, then bear in mind your hard drive failed to begin with, it may not work, or it may work for a day and then quit on you. It's best to replace the faulty drive, if you can.

    Source(s): I'm an IT Manager with Dell Computer Corp.
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I'd first of all suggest that unless you want to run more than one OS on a computer, don't take advice from anyone who is doing that. Those people are nerds and geeks and they live for doing this stuff just because it's there to do, rather than any real world need. I count myself as one of those geeks but I haven't run multiple OS's for some years now. I'm all about how much screen real estate I can get for just one OS that's set up well to work for me. I don't really see distinction between OS X and Windows 7. They are both top notch OS's. Windows gives you access to more games and a wider net of specialist software but OS X is starting to catch the developers for some gaming now and most obvious tasks are taken care of in software choice. So it really comes down to look and feel. OS X looks about the same as Windows 7 in use but when it comes to the software, OS X pulls ahead. Developing for Apple seems to force programmers into a stricter rule set for how the software looks. Gone are horribly ugly icons you'll see everywhere in Windows and gone too are the old fashioned looking applications that aren't hip to the new style guidelines Windows casually sets out. Apple also take a very active role in making sure a great set of common software applications are all available practically with the OS or at very little cost extra to handle word processing, photo management, video editing, music collecting and so on. Windows has all that software too it just doesn't package it as nicely for new users to get at easily. For instance with Windows you have to go and manually download the live pack to get access to some software which should really already be in the OS to begin with. And if it sounds like I'm picking at Microsoft, I am a bit but overall that's still my choice in OS's. Windows 7 64bit gets my vote. So in brief, OS X = pretty and good, Windows = pretty good

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  • Jack S
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    1 decade ago

    If you want to get into the windows safe mode, the key you hold is F8. I doubt that would help you in this instance though. It sounds like your hard drive is either fried or corrupted. Your laptop should have come with a windows disk, which you can use as a boot cd to reinstall windows (you will probably lose everything on the hard drive if this works, so if there is something irreplaceable on there then you need to take it to a file recovery business). Worst case scenario is that your hard drive is fried and you can't find the windows cd, in which case you'll need to buy a new copy of windows and a new hard drive to put it on. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Reinstall ur OS, Format ur laptop i know it sounds mean but dats da only way....... for more information add me friend_zahid_bd@yahoo.com

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you just bought it did the laptop come with a OS? i asume it would.

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