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which is the best book uve ever read???

n describe in also in a few lines????

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    The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Tolstoy. About a man who is dying. Very simple and reveals human heart in conflict with itself.

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    Lord of the Rings is one of the best books I have ever read. I have read it 13 times before the movie came out.

    Next would be Dune by Frank Herbert. Much better than the movie. Basically an ecology plot with an addictive spice that is wanted all over the universe. A boy learns to control the giant sand worms that make the spice.

    Next would be Shattered Chain by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It speaks of the varied roles of women on the planet Darkover. A woman can be the slave property of the drytowns, the high born wives of the psychically gifted, or be free Amazons that take a lover and stay with him only while he is faithful, earn their own living, and cut their hair short.

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    The best book I've ever read. Well where do I start, I love reading. But m favourite books are probobly Michelle Paver's books. She has a set of books called 'Chronicles of ancient darkness'. It's a really good series. I'm still waiting on the fourth book to come out. They are about a young boy, his (girl) friend and his wolf brother trying to save all clans from certain darkness and troublesom.........stuff!!!!!

    A really thrilling and entertaining series and are suitable for ages 10 and up I recon!!!

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    My vote is to Naguib Mahfouz's "The Cairo Trilogy". Indeed I've never heard his name or read his novels before and one day I decided to buy this one and thought his Nobel Prize in literature in 1988 should guarantee something and I wasn't disappointed at all. This book is readable, understandable and enjoyable since it's a wonderful translation from Arab into English by a team of four scholars. It's a must to understand more on Muslim's ways of life via great characterization of some certain Muslim families.

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    Today I would say:

    Vikram Seth: The suitable boy.

    He is an Indian man and lived in China, India, England and America...

    OK! It happens in Indian and it is about a girl, orphan with a mother who wants to marry her...

    All the book cross also historical moments of India and adroitly explain the tensions between some of the religious community...

    And you are not obliged to believe me, it happens too to be hilarious at some part...

    Well, it is over 1000 pages so...

    Not easy to tell all in few words!

    Speak about food, music, poetry and so on...

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    The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

    Futuristic society controlled by extreme right-wing undamentalists. All women have roles based on the Bible. Fertility is crucially low, so "non-pure" fertile women are passed around to different families in hopes of conceiving.

    The books has so many different layers it's impossible to do it justice in a short summary. But read it-it's excellent!

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    There is not just one sorry, there are two.

    "World as Will and Representation" by Arthur Schopenhauer

    "Paradise Lost" by John Milton

    Both are different but very psychological.

    One is philosophy of life Man will or he won't, there is no can or can't. is from Schopenhauer.

    and Milton is prophetic and yet ironic in his display of human error and that one you will have to read for yourself. Well worth it for it is required reading in some Universities and Colleges.

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    Winona's Web and the sequel Compass of my Heat by P. Cogan. about Indigenous People Ceremonies

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    Junk by melvin Burgess techinially a teen novel but well worth a read

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    "The Heavenly Man" by Paul Hattaway. A real page turner! Tough to put down!

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