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Why does my dog eat grass when his stomach is upset?

Do you know of anything I can feed him when he gets like this? He goes into this psychotic trance, If he is inside he will lick the carpet like crazy or will sniff out and find dust under furniture and lick it, or he will eat a pillow. I take him outside and just eats grass. He really looks crazy when he gets like this. Please help, I have tired regalin from the vet but it takes forever to kick in.

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    Grass will not hurt him and is natural for dogs to eat. It either helps settle their tummies or help them to throw up when they need to. As for the other stuff, not sure. My dog licks carpet, I think sometimes it seems a bit obsessive. I have noticed dogs with allergies tend to do this type of thing. Not saying that's why.

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    You don't mention the reason why your dog's stomach is upset. Is it from something he ate? If so, remember to only feed him dog, not people, food. For example, did you know that chocolate is almost lethal if a dog eats it. And, if you do only feed him dog food but decide to switch to another brand, do it gradually, i.e. 3/4 current food and 1/4 new food for 2 days, then 1/2 and 1/2 next 2 days, 1/4 current and 3/4 new for 2 days, and finally all new on 7th day.

    If instead his upset stomach is from nerves, has there been any changes in his or your routine/life?

    I always have thought that a dog will eat grass so he will vomit whatever has disagreed with him. Has he thrown up or had diarrhea?

    A soothing, safe meal is boiled chicken (no spices) and rice.

    It is good that you have made your vet aware of your dog's problem, and I am assuming he is monitoring his health and behavior. Hope your "best friend" is better soon!

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    Most dogs like to eat grass, it is just a "dog" thing. Sometimes they will do it to clean out their stomach, if they are feeling unwell. The trick is not to let him have access to grass that may have been sprayed with fertilizer which could be poisonous to dogs. If you don't want him to eat any grass, keep him on a leash, attached to a chest harness - not a collar on his neck - and simply gently pull him away from the grass, or prevent him from getting to the grass by putting up a gate or some other obstacle. Also make sure he is on a high grade diet - not dog food from supermarkets or large box pet stores. Go to the smaller specialty pet stores and buy high grade dog food. Some brands include Merrick, Chicken Soup for the Dogs Soul, Innova, Cannine Caviar, California Natural, Wellness, and many others. The ingredients should be easy to read and not have "by-products", corn, and other unhealthy things in it. Check Whole Dog Journal for their annual list of healthy foods. Make sure he has plenty of healthy chews to keep him busy inside - not rawhide though, but pig or beef parts, greenies, dental chews made for dogs, all sold in the same pet health food stores or from

    Source(s): I am a dog trainer.
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    Grass will not hurt him; my dog eats it all the time. My dog licks my hand, foot, leg, and even the bed sheets. He has a problem with his stomach(he is a 3 year old male Miniature Schnauzer) that even the vets don't even know what's wrong with him. I would take him to the vet if he keeps this up.

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    Its a dog's habit to eat grass whenever its stomach is upset in general..It's just like we tend to end up with some ,medicines when we are having stomach upsets. Even my dog also has the habit of taking grass. What i feel is that they feel sort of comfort . Regarding any scientific explanations , I am not very aware of it

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    Grass has chlorphile, the green stuff like you get with some gum. It's known as a stomach relaxer, or even headache medicine. To him, it's like aspirin.

    Dogs are not so dumb. If he's doing that, you'd better find out what's giving him the headache to begin with.

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    You need to make your dog happy and well balanced! When he does this exercise him, discipline him then show affection.Place his food outside and encourage him his food is good and the grass is bad. Loud words do not work with a dog a simple correction then praise is all he will need, does he get enough exercise or is this due to boredom?

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    The grass include water and the water is 28% allayer and stop the thirst.IT IS NOT CRAZY.

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    You can ask a VET on this portal

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