Can kidney stones (coming down the ureter) cause pain during orgasm?

I was recently diagnosed with SEVERAL kidney stones in my right kidney and a couple in my left kidney (apparently due to my change in diet over the past year where I added a lot of greens - nice that I eat healthier but now have stones!!) The urologist gave me medication to take when they come down to pass. In the past week, I've been experiencing a pain during orgasm, shooting down on each side (worse on the right where I have most of the stones) and a single, short sharp pain right above the pubic bone on the right. Could a stone coming down the ureter (or stuck in the ureter?) cause such pain?

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    I'd ask your urologist to confirm but my lover had the same issue and YES, he did experience great pain with orgasm. In fact, that's what sent him to the urologist in the first place!

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  • wishon
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    i'm a approved scientific Assistant and mom of a daughter with kidney ailment. If the stone is indoors the ureter therefor there isn't any threat of unfavorable the kidney. The kidney produces stones as a results of actuality the stone is a boost of calcium.. Did the wellness care expert enable you recognize to stay a tactics flung from dairy products???? Did they enable you recognize to stay a tactics flung from potassium, bananas and avocados?? the only situation is that if the stone is only too super to bypass you will could want to bypass the er. they're able to be conscious Ultrasonic waves them to lead them to smaller and that they are able to inject drugs to lead them to dissolve. stay a tactics flung from dairy and nutrition D , Calcium and potassium

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  • Donna
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