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What would you think she meant when she asked him to be patient and take it slow...?

A woman tells you that she "needs some time to get her life together" when you ask her out, because she's just come out of a bad relationship and is not yet interested in jumping into a new one.

You live in separate States and a month later she asks you to go on work travel, says she likes you and she wants to see you. When you see each other, she says she likes being single and isn't dating yet. You ask her about friends w/benefits. She says she wants to and you can tell she really does but then she tells you she isn't ready yet, she is scared because she hasn't been with anyone for a long time. She asks you to be patient with her and take it slow.

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    That's an insult to you as a man. You know that she has been with other guys for a much shorter period before she gave it up to them. What is the difference between the other men and you? You're just not her type. She's just waiting around for something better than you. Move on. Date other women. You're wasting time with her.

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    I would treasure this woman. She doesn't want to make the same mistakes again. Let her get her life in order and you two will have a good relationship. She sound like someone to be patient with. She is worth waiting for. It is not you.. She just wants to be sure of what she is doing. Be thankful that she is being so honest with you. Very best of luck to both of you.

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    So take it slow, don't rush her because she probably is still hurt and fears to hurt again. Take it slow with her, ask her out on dates, talk with her and go with it - If you move to fast back off on the throttle. Friends w/ benefits - Yea she wants sex but what I gather is she doesn't want to be used for sex - Get me so don't push that issue, she wants to see the person who left his penis at home - In time if you work with her she will trust you and sex will happen, just go slow man

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    it would want to signify that he needs time to regulate to at least something, or he has a topic that he has to attend to . he has in all likelihood dated contained in the previous and the relationship change into something yet gentle. what i'm attempting to assert is he might want to be attempting to dodge yet another challenge that he has encountered earlier. i does not push too a lot, this may scare him away ,and also you do not desire that to take position, fairly in case you may want to favor to commence relationship sometime quickly. merely supply him time to mirror on subject matters and cool down this may be strong for both of you. this may purchase you extra to imagine about your decision.

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    I think maybe she wants more from you than that like a relationship. Either way I think it would be good!!!

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    she means what she says. lay off and stop being pushy

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