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Sims2.Why can't my adult sim call any teenage sims?

Ok, I am trying to have my adult sim invite a teen sim over to meet his daughter. But whenever the phonebook comes up its only adult sims. I even threw a party but the sim didn't show up because of low relationship. Does my game has a gltich?

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    Just go over to their house.

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    childrens on the Sims 2 do not get pregnant era, even if with a teenage boy or an human being male. they received't even get pregant with an alien. really adults can get pregnant contained in the Sims 2. human being women might want to be pregnant with:Human toddlers and Alien toddlers men might want to be pregnant with:Alien toddlers.

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    No glitch...I think it's one of those touchy 'child molestation' things. The creators probably wouldn't want to go anywhere near that subject so yeah, no calling little boys or teenagers for the adults, right? Haha my game's the same way so you're not the only one. You can still just go over to their house though.

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    um... i dont play sims but maybe because of the age difference

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