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What color eyes/hair are the most attractive ??

What do you prefer on the opposite sex ??

Which do you have ?? Wish you had ?


I like brown/black hair && blue eyes on guys.

I have brown hair && brown eyes.

I kind of wonder what I'd look like blonde but what I have is ok.

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    A green eyed redhead, I find that very sexy. I prefer the standard package not many options except a big heart and good sense of humor. I have coal black hair with deep blue eyes. Wish I had? not much I'm pretty happy, maybe a very loving, caring and understanding lady in my life. What would your answers be? If I may ask.

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    I don't think the color makes a difference, it's how the person is. But, I do love black hair and dark brown eyes.

    I have blond and brown hair(as you can see), blue eyes.

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    I find guys with brown hair the most attractive, but not enough so that I'll only look at brunettes. No preference on eye color, as long as they are pretty.

    Personally I have brown hair and would never go blond, although I've gone dark red. My eye color is green or blue or gray, changes with my mood.

  • jipp
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    I like light brown and either blue, golden hazel or green. I have naturally dark to medium brown hair, or colored blonde just depends. My eyes are a grey blue, but usually I wear green contacts.

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    I think brown hair and blue eyes are the most attractive. I have brownish-blondish hair and blueish-green eyes, I'm pretty happy with the colors I just wish my hair wasn't so thick, it gives me headaches when it gets a little long.

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    I like red hair. it's a thing. but I'll go for brunettes. I don't really care about eye color so much. blue, then brown, then green. I like blue, I'm biased, my eyes are blue, but there is something about brown eyes that can make me melt.

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    I like black hair and blue eyes. I have black hair and brown eyes....wish I had blue eyes.

  • Bliss
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    I have brown hair and green eyes and I'm OK with that ... though I wouldn't mind having darker hair.

    On the opposite sex? It's really so much more about how he carries himself, his confidence and the way that he treats me than the way he looks. Truly.

    I'd rather be with an average looking guy who is smart, funny and knows how to put me in my place than with some fabulous looking guy who is stupid, ignorant or self-absorbed.

  • Anonymous
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    I have really dark black hair with really dark brown eyes(you can't tell that it's brown unless you shine a light directly to it.)

    I like people with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.Or people with brown hair and brown eyes.Or black hair with light or dark green eyes.

  • the looks i find atractive on guys is brown hair and brown eyes and a cute smile. like Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz, along those lines. but personality is the most important to me :)

    happy new years!

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