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Can a unnattractive guy win a girl's heart through "writing"?

ex. he writes the most beautiful letters and he is very comical and sincere in his letters to her. and she enjoys reading all his letters and she gets a good laugh at times. she looks foward to receiving his letters. he writes with strong passion because he wants her. her friends don't think he is handsome but she has an open mind and wants an opinion from "yahoo answer"

she is a beautiful swan. he is ugly duckling

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    in this matter, beauty is being based only on "her looks" alongside "his looks and a passion quality"

    if she "falls" for him because he is so passionate on expressing his feelings for her, then it probably wont work. she will be intrigued by his artistic ability, and flattered it being directed toward her. basically its her saying "i like you because you like me". Allthough, he makes her laugh. For some reason she inspires him. If he likes her because of her looks than hopefully she isnt a bich or a basket-case.

    in general, guys are stimulated by sight. women are stimulated by emotion. with this physically unattractive guy having such passion, she can be attracted to him, yes. However, if she learns that this guy is too passive, lacks that "manly" quality, she will loose intrest.

    This reminds me of that movie Bedazzled with Branon Frasier and Liz Hurley in that scene where he is "sensitive and passionate" on the'd have to see the movie.

    Does this question have any relation to you? Are you the hot chick or the ugly guy..?

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    That's all very romantic but it has to work in real life. Sorry i'm kinda sleepy, are you the swan and you're wondering if you should go for the guy even though he's an ugly duckling? I think you should but attraction has to be more than on paper for anything to work, right? Who cares what your friends think... that's just shallow to judge only on looks. A less good looking guy who is romantic, knows how to please, etc. is better than a handsome cheating player any day.

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    Wow you really should've just written this as yourself...

    Anyway, I don't think so. Anything a guy would write is part of his personality so it's not just writing the letters that wins the girl. If some annoying guy gave you those letters you wouldn't feel the same way.

    If you're the girl, which I think you are, you're really concieted.

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    If you are the ugly duckling, I think you've already won her heart.

    If you are the beautiful swan, only you know the answer. Advices are good, but it's YOUR heart.

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    Actually the Steve Martin movie was a remake. Kids today...

    Find a copy of Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. This will answer your questions.

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    it incredibly is extremely offputting in case you supply no indication of pastime, then without warning blurt to a woman which you have thoughts for her. Flirting a splash is good, and the main suitable thank you to instruct a woman you like her is by employing variety gestures that coach her how good you would be (keeping the door, offering to hold her books.) i think of this is genuinely maximum suitable to make a woman attentive to your thoughts in individual. e mail is in simple terms too impersonal, and employing somebody else ought to be interpreted as cowardly. showing your thoughts in individual, or maybe handing her a great word, in case you're on a shy side is greater effectual. =]

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    personally I prefer the "ugly duckling" they are the sweetest guys you'll ever meet and if he is still younger, a lot times as he gets older he becomes rather cute... but ultimately, I would like to believe that looks do not matter, and I know it still holds true for some today... go for it!

    Source(s): i've met an "ugly duckling" or two in my life...
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    Well, that depends on how unattractive you are. If you mean your looks, then yes writing may work. If you mean your charisma,then you have to work hard and depend on your luck.

    It will also depend on the girl you're writing to. If she's the type who's wild...Then i don't think so. She might consider you lame. But if she's the ok or quiet type then there's chance it'll work. Good luck to you.

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    beauty is only skin deep.. and ugly comes with age.. i know a lot of pretty girls who when they reach 30 they look like they are 50.. mainly because they spend a ton of times in the tanning salon which ages the skin

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    This is the plot from a Steve Martin movie.

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