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next time you go to seaworld consider this.....(forget the ? aftr ths)?

I bet you know animals are taken from the wild to be in seaworld but did you know that the ones that arent "attractive" or "Qualified" are killed. And the ones they keep they don't "realese them back into the wild" they work them literally to death! So they're taking creatures from their families either to kill them or practically torture them then kill them later. We as a community should stand up and fight this load of c%@p they've been feedin' us because i don't (and i'm pretty sure u don't) want anyone thinking it's okay take take something away from its family and put in a small box 2 be worked to death! I need suggestions on how to fight this issue.

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    Based on the small number of animals, even counting every whale, dolphin, and seal exhibit around, I would think that raising the overall awareness of the animals in general would outweigh the negative.

    Most of the people that work with the animals at those places love the animals and take great care of them. I would have to see the proof that indescriminate killing of culled animals was occuring.

    And your definition of "working them to death" seems a little bit slanted. Yes, they will be there probably until they can't perform anymore, but I don't think the workers will idly stand by while Mr. Seaworld loads his whale gun.

    But, I guess we all need some type of issue to make us feel that we are doing something good in our lives. Perhaps you've found your one true calling.

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    no way! thats just way too freaky to be true! seaworld is about taking in animals that have been orphaned or hurt or if the zoos cant take care of them! they dont kill them!!! thats just crap!

    seriously u messed up. im pretty sure they have humanitarian workers who go there and check on the animals. who ever told u this is seriously freaky in the head and should go see some professional help. or if u just made it up then u should go,

    unless i see some proof then im not believing the fact that they kill bottlenose dolphins just because they are the wrong shade of grey or something

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    Seaworld is about a whole lot more than animal shows.... It's an educational, research and protective facility. Don't listen to the PETA people. You need to know your facts. Read about it here...

    I realize this is their own site but it does have full information. You can Google for other general sites as well.

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    Okay, in theory, I agree with you. But I'd have to see proof before I'd go off on a tangent about it.

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    I don't care. They aren't me so, sry.

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