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What "insect" is this?

I call it the "spider mosquito". (Yeah, I know... lame)

It's like a mosquito, just that it's pretty f*ck!n big. Each black-and-white leg can be about 2 inches long, though its body is only about a little over 1 inch long.

When it lands on something (wall, floor, etc) it tends to stay bobbing around, with its legs acting as coils or springs or something.

I've come across nearly 4 or 5 of them. Needless to say they don't make it out of the encounter.

Can anyone tell me about this insect?

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    I think its a crane fly.

    Chen Young maintains the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website.

    Because they are sometimes called "daddy-long-legs," crane flies are sometimes associated with the mistaken belief that "daddy-long-legs are extremely venomous, but cannot bite humans." Although it is true that crane flies cannot bite humans, they are not venomous, and neither are the other types of "daddy-long-legs."

    Sometimes, crane flies are referred to as "skeeter eaters." This is an interesting name, but crane flies are not predators and do not eat mosquitoes (not as adults, anyway: some larval crane flies are predatory, and may occasionally eat mosquito larvae).

    People sometimes refer to crane flies as "male mosquitoes." This may have come from the knowledge that male mosquitoes don't bite. Crane flies are not male mosquitoes, although mosquitoes and crane flies are fairly closely related.

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    It sounds like a male mosquito to me. They're quite a bit larger then the female ones, and don't drink blood. They're also pretty rare which is why you probably haven't seen very many. They also don't tend to be scared off easily, and will stick around even after they've been hit by something.

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    I've also wondered this, but my biggest worry (since they look like mosquitoes) is DO THEY BITE?! Cuz if they do it must hurt!!!

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    It sounds like a Mayfly. Look them up on Google. There's like 2500 species of them. They're harmless...although freaky when you have one fly into you.

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  • Sounds like a mayfly

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    Sounds like a "Daddy Long Legs".

    Try this link.


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    I thought they ate mosquito's.

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    yea itz called a mospider

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