If I get put in prison and I use religion to get paroled is that justice?

If I purchase a deploma saying that I'm an ordained minister while in prision for murder should that be taken in to acount when in front of the parole board?

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    It may be taken into account, but not seriously. You have to do more than just purchase a certificate of ordainment. I got one for $30, and only $30. I didn't have to prove anything or do anything special but send a check.

    Generally, for a Prisoner Review Board, you have to behave in a way that shows them that you're not a threat to society. For a violent felon, it's not just one action that will prove that -- it's a lifestyle. However, getting paroled is easier now-a-days because of overcrowding due to the "war on drugs." I've known of people who committed murder and were out in less than 5 years -- although they pled down to a lesser charge of aggravated battery.

    Source(s): I used to work for Dept. of Corrections.
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    No, because most religions claim that if you have broken a law you should be punished for the crime. If you are a true minister you should stay and do your time and work with those who are in need of some "good news".

    Justice means if you were sentenced to time for a guilty verdict, and you were truly guilty, you have to pay for your verdict.

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    most cons know how to get one for free anyway, thats the fault of the parole board if they free someone based upon religion, you cant fault a man for wanting out of prison, prsion does not work, it has failed us as a society, we have set up a virtural university for the criminal mind under our present system, depsite the draw backs corperal and capitol punishment did work. when you lock some one up for a periord of years their children and families end up on the welfare rolls and its a vicious cycle

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    I really doubt if religion will help you to get paroled. Don't do anything to get sent to prison! Prisons don't sound like nice places to me. I hope you haven't already done something that you might be sent to prison for.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. Religion doesn't matter you 'tard. Murder is murder.

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