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Who invented the concept of "time" & knew 60 sec = 1 min, 60 min = 1 hr, 24 hrs = 1 day and so on and so on?

It boggles my mind when I think of how someone was intelligent enough to set up the whole "Time" structure. How did they even begin?

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    According to Sir, William Jones, the Hindus, the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Chinese all had a common home in Central Asia and spoke the same language.

    They observed that the sun apart from its daily motion round the earth, the sun goes from North to South and then from South to North.

    During 360 days the sun completes one trip from North to South and then from South to North.

    Now we know it is exactly 365.25 days.

    Thus they observed there are 360 days in a year.

    This is the reason that a circle is divided into 360 degrees.

    The sun moves about one degree per day eastward relative to a fixed star. During 360 days it completes one full circle.

    The moon completes one circle in thirty days approximately. From Full moon to new moon it takes 15 days.

    Thus it takes 360/ 30 = 12 moon days.

    It is the reason 30 days are called one moonth or month.

    For angular measurements one circle is divided into 360 degree.

    To note the position of the heavenly objects, we must have sub units of degree.

    Thus the hours, minutes and seconds have one to one relation with the angular measurement.

    That is the reason one degree is subdivided into minutes and seconds.

    When a day is sub divided into sub units, they must be such that when multiplied by whole numbers it should give 360 or multiples of 60, 30 and 15.

    The natural choice is to have one day = 24 hours, and one hour = 60 minutes and one minute = 60 second.

    That is multiples of 60.

    If there were 100 days in a year, they might have chosen the decimal system long ago.

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    Time is just a measurement system, it only works because we state it works, ie. Miles an hour, meters a second, they're only refrence points so to speak.

    If it was a different number than it would just be a different way to process the information.

    It also has to do w/ the rotation around the sun. Heres the history of time.

    before 1960, the standard of time was defined in "the mean solar day of 1900" the avg. second used to be (1/60)(1/60)(1/24) of a mean solar day.

    In 1967, the second was redefined by the "atomic clock" The clock could measure the frequency of an atomic transition. So now the second id defined as the charecteristic of the frequency os a particular kind of cesium atom as the reference clock.

    So. The second is defined as "9,192,631,770 times the period of vibration of radiation from cesium-133 atom"

    of course time changes at high speeds, but thats einstein theory and such

    Source(s): I'm smart....jk read it from my physics C book
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    This goes back several 1000 years to the Babylonians who liked to divide the daylight hours into 12 hours. Groups of 12 are also dividable into halves, thirds and fourths. Originally, one hour was one-twelfth of the the time between sunrise and sunset. Later on when people also wanted to be able to tell the time at night, it was natural to also divide the night into 12 hours thus making a whole day to have 24 hours. The hour was also divided up into 60 minutes with the modern invention the the clock in the 13th century, and the minute was divided into 60 seconds when mechanical clocks became more accurate.

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    Time for us is the duration (or lag ) between occurrance of 2 events.

    An observer notes the duration of one event and calls it the 'standard time'

    now if he sees THAT when some event occurs than his standard event occurs 5 times ,then he says that the event he was observing has occurred in '5 units of time' set by him.

    take an easy (but quite wrong)example

    suppose u set ur heartbeat as a standard event and u find that 2 heartbeats occurs while u take one breathing. so u say that 'time duration ' of your breathing is '2 heartbeats'.

    now heartbeat is ur unit of 'time'.

    since the time is lag between 2 events is what we call time so it is very probable that all the past civilisations , even the rock age man have some concept of time in their minds.

    the problem thus was not the understanding of time concept but the defining of a 'unit for time'.or finding that standard event with which we can compare all of our events.

    the event to be choose must be such that it is easily available everywhere, and periodic so that we can compare our events again n again from it.

    one event perfectly satisfying all these criteria was the 'occurance of day and night'.So all of the antient civilisations divided a whole period of day and night into parts and subparts and start to call these patrs as the 'unit of time'.all civilisations divide the time into subparts according to their own will.

    Indians divided the day into 30 muhuratas,and muhuratas into 30 laghus and then in kastahs and then nimishs.Indians also developed the 'sun clocks' which tells approximate time through the shadow of the day.

    greeks used division into 24 hrs,60 mins and 60 seconds as we know them today.they divided it in this way simply bcos follow a sexagesimal unit of measurements that time.means they used to count in the multiples of 6.(centesimal system of measurement was developed in india long before greeks sexagesimal system of measurements of unit.but it dont reached upto greeks at that time.)

    presently a second is defined accurately and independently with respect to atomic transitions. but we are using the Greek method bcos by the time need of a unit of time is felt by people, the Greek method was the most advanced and accurate one before them. and the 'church' played a big role in spreading this unit of time. So it is used for centuries as a standard unit and by the time people could realize of a better unit it was soo much spread that it became impossible to redefine a new unit.

    It is a fact that if the angle measurements and time was redefined in terms of the centesimal system of units developed in India then many of the mathematical calculations, logarithmic tables and system of measurement of time would be much more easy. But ultimately these are the 'conventions’ and we have to live with them !!

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    ancient Sumerians

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